Before the expedition ... It was winter here!

May 10, 2022

The trio of travelers going on an expedition

– Jozef, Pavol (known under pseudonym “Jozi and Pali”) and a photographer Lujza have a goal: to travel more than 2000km travel across Argentina to the south of Patagonia. They have chosen very unusual transport for nowadays – horses. Lujza and Jozi will ride in a saddle and Pali will try to construct and travel in a horse-drawn carriage.

Jozi and Pali have already few experiences with travelling- on motorbikes in Vietnam, hitchhiking through China and sailing down Danube on an inflatable boat. From these journeys, they created short films which were presented and awarded at travel festivals- “Hory a mesto” and at an amateur film festival “HoryZonty” in Slovakia. This time in Argentina, they are joined by Lujza, a professional photographer and a camerawoman, who is also an experienced endurance horse rider.
The stakes are higher this time. They are aiming to produce a full-length film and online tv series that will be available to wider audience, traveling enthusiasts of all ages.

It’s not going to be just a descriptive documentary, they are looking to include various themes about life, cultural differences and also personal problems which each person tries to solve, such as time management, financial knowledge- how to survive on a limited budget and of course their adventures with untypical transport (two of them are non-riders).

The film begins in Slovakia, because the preparation has already started with their first horse ride.

They are flying in January to Argentina and their goal is to reach the south, rough coast of Patagonia- Tierra del Fuego. If they will be successful and able to reach this point, we won’t know until the end of (for sure) exhausting yet beautiful journey.

Once completed, the trio is planning to submit the film to international film festivals and show it in cinemas and events, especially travel oriented. They are open to distribution enquiries. 

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