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Joylocs Holistic Health Podcast or Vlog ...

Joylocs Holistic Health Podcast or Vlog Show?

Aug 14, 2020

Here I go again. This amazing idea came over me years ago to start podcasting to help others and heal myself along the way. Although I did do some podcasts shows for myself and others, it wasn't for my Joylocs Page. The thought of starting this came to me again and I can't wait to get started. I'm looking to first see if I want to podcast (not showing my face and hearing me only) or show my face like on YouTube. I will definitely be making a decision over the next few weeks or so. 

I can share some of the good and bad things about vegetarianism as I have been one for almost 10 years now. I did slip along the way and was a pescatarian for like two years eating fish like once or twice a month until I decided to go back to vegetarianism. I can also share how diet possibly doesn't work without mental health in place and including vitamins, minerals and herbs into your journey. I am also contemplating adding my spell and conjuring work in there as well. 

One thing that I have learned along the way is there is something out there for everyone. So find your niche on how to fulfill your life's destiny and just simply go for it. As we have entered into the fifth dimension, many people are finding that their way isn't the same way as others. That you don't have to follow in your family's footsteps, that maybe there is a destiny out there that you need to pursue that was meant for YOU and YOU only. Just my thoughts and I had to realize this as well. It has cause me to have to separate myself completely from family and friends and to have them find themselves an exit route out of my life and that's okay with me. Their judgmental ways of following the status quo simply leaves them unhappy and leaving them to become "energy vampires" to me by stealing my dreams and aspirations by telling me that I cannot do this and that.

Often, these folks find themselves pleasing others that don't like and respect them anyways but they have to stay for a paycheck or to pay their mortgage or put their children through college and I get it because I used to be like them. Or just because the neighbors o a co-worker has a new car, then they have to get one. Really, this is non-sense to me, but some folks that I know still think like that is fine as to each their own, but that is just not how I want to live anymore. 

In closing, I don't know if this was for someone but if it soothed just one persons spirit, then I did my job today. 

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Thank you in advance for even looking at this post and enjoy what this life has to offer through YOUR DESTINY, not others. 

Ase/Ashe = (Ah Shay)


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