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YouTube Content Creation Strategy

YouTube Content Creation Strategy

Jun 11, 2022

So, I stumbled upon a 2015 article from Google that lays out a fantastic Content Creation Strategy.

The article said they "propose structuring three types of complementary content in the following framework: help, hub and hero content." So, I continued to read the article and watch a couple YouTube videos (Roberto Blake & Andrew Kan) explaining this and got some extra clarity. I also noticed in the article that they mentioned the Content Marketing Strategy of Inspire, Educate, & Entertain. And when I looked at these both, I noticed they overlap quite nicely. Then this made me think back on the type of content I make and whether or not it falls inside one of these 3 types. Well, guess what... they do. So, let me give you a quick overview of this strategy.

HELP (Educate): This is searchable and useful content that can serve your audience and remain relevant as Evergreen content. Examples: tutorials, how-to, reviews.
HUB (Inspire): This is regular content that contains relatable stories, can tap into emotional elements or touch on pain points. Examples: vlogs, livestreams, specific series.
HERO (Entertain): Highly sharable content that you want pushed to a broad audience. Only happens a couple times a year/tent pole content. Examples: trending news, cultural topics, Blockbuster/Super Bowl moments.

Now let me give you a few more practical examples.

Casey Neistat (12.4 Million subscribers)
HELP: Tech Review Videos
HUB: Vlogs, vlogs and more vlogs
HERO: Bike Lanes, First Class Seat, Snowboarding With NYPD

MrBeast (96.8 Million subscribers)
HELP: World Record, Prank, Worlds Best/Largest/Most Expensive
HUB: Gave People $$$, Cars, House
HERO: Squid Games In Real Life

Joshua Verwers (2.5 Thousand subsribers)
HELP: How To Make A Facebook Video Profile, Fear Not Scripture, Who Does God Say I Am?
HUB: Vlogs, Vlog Pastors (series), Livestreams
HERO: Satan Shoes, Amen and Awomen, Kanye West Album

While I'm grasping at straws for my own "hero" content, I will say that I can see how the content I've been making fits within this strategy. And being able to see that will help me be more focused on my content creation strategy going forward. I'm praying that I will be more intentional in what I'm making and why I'm making it.

Anywho, let me know what you thing of this? Have you heard of this strategy? Is there another framework that you use for your content creation? Feel free to discuss this below.

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