What Your Support Means to Me

What Your Support Means to Me

Jan 13, 2023

If you have decided to donate to building our ministry and eventually my full-time job, I want to share what it means to me. Short answer: a whole awful lot!

Maybe it's hard to be excited about picking someone up when no one is there to grab the other arm and help you. For this, let me paint you a picture.

Say one person prays for our ministry every day. Then someone else does, too. Pretty soon all of our subscribers will be praying for us daily! That's HUGE! Soon we're on all of their church's prayer lists! If they all go to different churches and each has 50 people in the church, that's 17,500 prayers sent for us! What kind of difference could that make for our lives? Our family? Our health? Our children's futures!

Say one person shares one of our videos with one person. That person shares it with two and so do all the people he shares it with! Each was sent to only two other people they felt would already be interested in the content. Pretty soon 1 becomes 20, 80, 800! How many other people could our videos make a difference for? How many people could offer to help our ministry with prayer and finances as a result of one person sharing a video for free??

Say one person gives $5 one time on our buymeacoffee.com page. Maybe he comes back later that month and decides to give $5 monthly. He doesn't even notice every time s $5 donation is sent, but we certainly do! In a year that's $60 for our family and ministries! Say 10 people decide to part with $5 per month. That's $50 every month! Almost a whole tank of gas! Then maybe 20 people donate monthly. That's $100 every month just from one website, and that's not factoring in the potential of our Patreon pages!

Your support makes a difference! It always will! With your support, we can make a difference! Even if you don't want to support us, please think long and hard about someone you do want to support and who you could make a BIG difference for!

Imagine the potential! Thank you for dreaming with us today!

God bless!

Joseph Armstrong



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