Trip to Big Buddha

Trip to Big Buddha

Apr 07, 2023

Thought I'd make a mini post on here for those who are supporting me on this website. I met up with a former "Kung Fu Brother" today in Phuket. Early in the morning we got a taxi to the village surrounding the Big Buddha Mountain. It is something that I had wanted to do since I've gotten here. But, since I took the cheaper "MMA/Muay Thai" package from Tiger Muay Thai, the Tuesday Big Buddha Runs were not included. My "Kung Fu Brother" had found a cool hiking trail to take up instead of the main road. It was difficult but enjoyable. I recommend taking the hiking trail up instead of the main road.

Looking a little shaggy and sun burnt, but I'm honestly having a good time here. Free time here is spent training, resting, eating, or editing photos and videos. This weekend I will be swamped with all the videos I have to edit from being in Karon and now Big Buddha.

Not sure what I'll use this little supporter blog for. If you're looking for more indepth content; check out my main blog or youtube.

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