What's On My Mind #5

What's On My Mind #5

Aug 11, 2021


I hope you find these what's on my mind blogs of any use.
Thank you for your interest, time and attention.

Book I have read
You do have something to hide - a book about internetprivacy

We all have seen movies and documentaries displaying the importance, and abusement of (internet)privacy. Yet, this book still surprised me. Not in a good way. The state of our privacy is really bad, in ways I thoughed where only happening in sci-fi movies. An employee of a social media platform said this: " the most brilliant minds of my generation are developping ways for people to click faster, and more on advertisements". Kinda sad isn't it.

Book I have read ( I figured I needed reading glasses....so reading I went abit faster this week )
Stress weg - Jacob de Wilde

A book that explains what happens in our body and brain when we experience any type of stress. In order to understand a problem we need to understand the core principles. This book provides that information.

Quote that made me think
" If you are lonely when you're alone, you are in bad company " Jean Paul Sartre

Video that made me go .... 😲


Word that is on my mind
Dataism - An emerging ideology where the ultimate goal is to increase the amount of information flow through algorithms. The goal of the dataist is to create a more efficient system called the Internet-of-All-Things — that includes every literal thing, from people to plants, cars to couches, ovens to each pair of shoes. Scarry stuff.

Some days
Some days my mind is flowing and creative, some days my mind isn't in allignment. Some days my mind is focussed, some days my mind is a big blur. Some days I can't find the words, some days I can't stop writing/talking. Some days I accept that fact, some days I struggle with it. It is what it is :).

Thank you for reading,

Joey van Tilburg

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