What's on my mind #3

What's on my mind #3

Jul 28, 2021


I hope you find these what's on my mind blogs of any use.
Thank you for your interest, time and attention.

A fulfilling day
Woke up early. Wandered around in nature during a 25 km hike. When something caught my attention I slowed down and observed / took pictures. Meditated in the middle of the forest. Back at my van I pulled out my tablet and did some work. Ate lunch and read a book for the remaining time untill I needed to leave to spend time with friends at a bbq. For me, the combination of being in nature, doing work and reading is one of the key ingredients of a fulfilling day. How would your 'perfect' day look like and what is needed to make that happen?

Quote I used in my reflections
' Victimhood rather than stoicism or heroism has become something eagerly publicized, even sought after, in our culture' - Douglas Murray. I am getting more and more aware of the language most people use, the way they think about life, how they organise it, hide behind shallowness and go the extra mile to convince themselves that a quickfix is THE solution for their problems. Some quotes I encounter capture those observations perfectly and this one really made me think the other day. There is something about playing the role of a victim that is comfortable. I have been there and sometimes my mind still wanders that way. But like I have come to learn over time, it is one of the most self-destructing roles you can play. I believe our society is in desperate need of people that break from this victimhood and inspire others to care about their lives again. Evolve beyond the victimhood, you are worth it!

Video that caught my attention


Speak your mind in the most honest and truthful way
I love it when I encounter people that made this change or at least try it. For me this has been a game changer. No more hidding behinding and bending words, just say how it is and observe what happens. Staying true to yourself is empowering and a way to gain enormous amounts of knowledge.

Product developmend
Some ideas to spread my message are getting shape; the re-usable notebooks or on their way, first ideas for a cookbook are on paper, a meeting for a video is planned....and more. I love doing these things even if they at the moment cost me time, energy and money...the whole process of following your passion no matter what is awesome.

Thank you for reading,

Joey van Tilburg

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