Why do you train everyday?

Why do you train everyday?

Jun 19, 2021

“Why aren’t you?”. “Because it is good for you”. “It is my work”. Over the years I have got this question a lot, and I have given all the standard answers. But when I got this question last week, I decided to sit down, think, and write about it. In short I came up with these answers:

-          Humans are built to move

-          Self-care

-          It’s my nature

-          Leadership; caring about others

Let me elaborate on this.

This first thing that popped into my mind was; humans are built to move. I have written about this in my Wanderlust Coaching book. If you observe the human body, it is without any question of a doubt, that we are built to move. Multiple studies have shown that daily movement is beneficial for the human body. The opposite has also been shown true; no movement is harmful for the body.

Why do you train every day? Because that’s the way human bodies are built.

The second thing that came up was; self-care. In the past I have had periods of depression and movement always made me feel better. Whenever I get stuck in my head, have a big decision to make, get stuck with writing or work, my first go-to is movement. Getting out of head and into my body always does the trick to get back on track.

Movement provides multiple benefits for our health. So, for me; not moving equals not taking care of yourself. I see this in some of my clients as well. People with low self-esteem, self-love, or a lack of self-awareness tend to not move enough; because what is the point. Then when they start to move they instantly feel better – 100% guarantee!

Why do you train every day? Because I care about myself.

In the current school systems there comes a point where you need to choose your next education. In The Netherlands this occurs in middle school around the age of 15-17 (the way the current system is set up, this is waaaay to early…..I’ll save that for another blog). I had no clue what to do, zero, nada, nothing. One teacher pointed out that I excelled in physical activities. So…I gave that a try, and lo and behold, I passed with ease. My passion for health naturally grew further from there.

Why do you train every day? Because it comes naturally to me.

I see a lot of “sickness” in our current society. If you have read my Wanderlust Coaching book, you know what I am referring to. If not, I recommend you to read it. If you want to change the world, it starts with you; Lead by example. That is what I am doing with my online platform, and movement is a part of that. Raising self-awareness, and promoting personal growth, because I care. I care about myself, and I care about you. Showing, inspiring, and motivation others, every single day!

Why do you train every day? Because I care about others.

I would like to add a little clarification to this. Training for me means; moving my body in a way that feels good at that given moment.

“Progress comes
to those who
Train and train;
Reliance on secret techniques
Will get you nowhere. “

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