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February 3rd & 4th

February 3rd & 4th

Feb 14, 2021

February 3rd

• a wonderful breakfast of chicken and waffles, scramble, and coffee!

• auditioning for two characters

• pre-moving day!

• today’s beautiful sunset colors

• chatting in bed together ♥

February 4th

• I’m thankful for today being a huge recording day because it feels great to be productive!

• I’m thankful for my first live-recording session because the project manager was very helpful and it went very well!

• I’m thankful and so happy to see that my orchid is blooming!!!

• I’m thankful for being able to go on my afternoon walk to the park because it’s calming and beautiful.

• I’m thankful that Rick and I eat the same things because it makes our lives easy and delicious!


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