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April - June 2023

April - June 2023

Jul 11, 2023

April 1st

• Coffee and laughing at all the silly April Fool's Day jokes from VegFest and Dice Tower.

• Huge OWL day.

• A lovely walk to myself surrounded by the beautiful nature and good music. I saw two cute little crows sitting right next to each other. Super late sundown today at past 7!

• Good talks about being proud of the person I am today and taking care of myself.

April 5th

• Super Mario movie!!!

• A beautiful evening at Balboa Park with Rick, Nitai, and Deva. The full moon was gorgeous and bright!

April 6th

• Season 4 trailer! That Sigma skin looks incredible!

• Fun Frosthaven night. My babies were being so silly. xD

• Reading a centering article on detachment. Love more. ♥

April 7th

• A beautiful sundown walk around the neighborhood. Eight kitties! And we learned that Sashi's sibling's name is Sofia!

• My favorite chocolate smoothie and OW2.

May 6th

• Green tea lattes. :D

• Finally getting to try out that 300mm lens and taking a few shots of the beautiful full moon!

June 3rd

• Frosthaven trek. Another vegan cheese danish and lemon bar! I max leveled and the cipher puzzles at the end were fun.

• Good OW2 games with Rick. We got him that Sigma skin!

June 4th

• Coffee and code deciphering. Excellent reveal for Metal Mosaic! 😍 I'm so excited to play him.

• A beautiful clear day.

• Finally learning about Loom! Sweet speedrun and interesting story.

June 6th

• Woke up early, had coffee, played Diablo all day, had a nap, some soup. Good stuff.

• Tons of D4. What a story so far. My rogue feels great!

• Hella good comp games while Rick played some FF between D4. Pharah on Rialto is hype!

• Quick relaxing shower before couching for the night.

June 8th

• Metal Mosaic is done! ♥

• A lovely sunset/evening hike at Tecolote together. So lovely to feel the breeze, smell the air, and see color and texture in the beautiful sky. 😍

• Chocolate smoothie and OW2.

• Frosthaven. We found the Flamefruit and my heart sank a bit. Cré is a hero.

• Curse of the Golden Idol! Holy smokes, what a game. Can't wait to play more.

June 20th

• Catching up on some rest. The folks at Kearny Mesa are so helpful. I talked to Sarah about medications and gave them an update on the little ones.

• Happy babies today. ♥

• Frosthaven with Rick and Tai.

• A beautiful evening at Black's Beach with Rick. It was so wonderful being at the beach again and feeling the coastal breeze and feeling small and insignificant as we watched the beauty of the earth. ♥

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