OSMOSE IMPROV – abyss lands by Joakim La ...

OSMOSE IMPROV – abyss lands by Joakim Larsén

Feb 17, 2024

Osmose improv with Preset: 'abyss lands' – Just press record with no extra effects, that's the way!

Only did a quick sound check before I hit record, so this is indeed my very first couple of moments with my new love: The incredible synth with keys that bend, #osmose by  @ExpressiveE 

There is so much to explore and discover with this instrument. All of what you hear in this video is only one (of MANY) presets, with no additional processing done to it whatsoever. As you can hear throughout this improvisation the 'same sound' can become several different ones with a lot of different textures when just played a bit differently. Let's make some music with some real crazy bendy chords, and don't forget to give this video a LIKE, if you do, and SUBSCRIBE for more awesome stuff that's on it's way soon to a YouTube channel near you! 😍👍

Oh, I absolutely love this instrument! 🫶🎹 I hope you do as well, and enjoy! 🎶🧡

Today's edition is: 'abyss lands' – an improvised piece by Joakim Larsén on the Osmose. ©2024

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