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Suv rving

Suv rving

Sep 15, 2021

Hey friends and follwers I just came up with an awesome idea OK.... im switching to living in my SUV!! They call it suv rving and the way my life's going with all the finances and dui fines and stuff it's just to much. So I'm taking matters into my own hands and appreciating everything I got left and fight for it!,it would help save money but I'd have to adjust some stuff. But I'm definitely bring my PC and ps4 soooo im still continuing to do my game developing and vlogs, just out of my space coupe๐Ÿ˜Š. Your contributions will help me life stay stable positive and of all you get to journey with me through vlogs of the places I'll be staying and visiting, traveling!! Andveture is out there!!.stay tuned for the next episode.. members will get early access before the premier!!.Thank you so much again for being my friends and believing in me. I will prevail!!.

Airsoft capt. and director. R1

Signing off.


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