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A Look at Stats from Spotify Dedup - Dec ...

A Look at Stats from Spotify Dedup - December 2020 Update

Dec 09, 2020

Back in March I posted an update showing stats from Spotify Dedup. I thought it was interesting to share stats using Spotify Dedup's dashboard on the Spotify site for developers.

I wanted to make the stats available publicly, but the dashboard on Spotify can be accessed only by the app admin. So I built a Stats page on Spotify Dedup that shows the data, fetched from the Spotify Dashboard, and open sourced spotify-app-stats, the npm library that I use to fetch the data.

I show the monthly and daily users, users grouped by country, and the number of requests to the Web API (ok, this last one might be a bit nerdy).

I love numbers and charts and thought it could be interesting to share with you folks!

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