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His arms

His arms

Mar 10, 2021

A piece based off of two characters from my WIP novel.



He couldn't let her go

He wrapped her in his arms

Like the weeds around their ankles

on those endless summer days

when they were children

and she was his best friend.

Vibrant even amongst the wildflowers,

as they burned their skin in the sun.


Like how she burned now.

Broken, bleeding, begging.

The woman who wielded her spirit

like he did a weapon.

Stronger, braver, kinder

than he'd ever manage to be.


They'd stolen her light.

Clawed it out of her chest.

The word laughter so easily converted to "slaughter"

Leaving merciless darkness, vengeance.

Scarred and bruised, not from play, but battle.

But he couldn't let her go.


So as the only woman he'd ever loved burned.

He held on. And burned with her.

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