Latest project: United(?) We Stand

Latest project: United(?) We Stand

Feb 15, 2022

Not counting the massive 4-years of mess that is Horizon Dawn, United(?) We Stand is considered one of my more... plan out novel (and I mean whole 4 page document basis ground work of each arc not counting each chapter)

My goal is simple... Remember all the Harem genres that seemed to be hated in a part of the Internet and beyond? Remember all the Wuxia novels that you felt like the author may focus a little too much on the MC nobody like and feels like all the girl falling for him resemble a card board more than a human.

Yeah, this is my (may-or-may-not-succeed-but-I will-try attempt to make it likable), please slaughter my work as you see fit.


In the world of Acceltra, the birds are singing, the nations bicker and the ancient Lords, birthed from the Void and peppered throughout time and space, are gearing for a showdown—the Theomachy.

Meet Ciel, the Lord in name only. Unlike other Lords who have prep-works, tanks of faith to spend, and inhumanity. Ciel got only one weapon to rise to the challenge.

Unity Lord Authority—the symbiotic contract for his lovers/co-conspirators/partner-in-crime (with limited seat available)

To triumph in the coming storm, Ciel must seduce/deal/romance with powerful girls (plural, because one will surely not be enough) and assemble the greatest battle harem in all Acceltra. Hopefully, the band of quirky women who may or may not hate each other can unite long enough to guarantee their survival (Ciel’s hip might not survive, though).

Welcome to United(?) We Stand

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