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Just one stream this week! (probably)

Just one stream this week! (probably)

Mar 01, 2022

Hey all!

Busy playing in-person gigs this week - boy, does it feel good to say that!

The bad news is there's no weeknight stream this week.

But I will be playing Sunday at 2pm ET at https://twitch.tv/jimlutzmusic - just like usual.

I might be able to squeeze in a pop-up stream during the day Thursday or Friday - we'll see. I'll probably post here if so, but you can also follow me and turn on notifications at https://twitch.tv/jimlutzmusic - or if you're tech savvy, you can join my Discord at http://discord.gg/QWec5CyZm6 , go to "Get On A Role" and select the "Boneheads" role - either way, then you'll know as soon as I'm on! You can also see my schedule at https://www.twitch.tv/jimlutzmusic/schedule

Thanks as always, and hope to see you soon in chat!

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