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Charity raid train stream for NSPW!

Charity raid train stream for NSPW!

Sep 12, 2023

I am honored and excited to join a charity raid train for HeartSupport, a non-profit dedicated to helping those that are struggling with their mental health. We are raising funds and awareness to provide easy access to livesaving support! Over 60 musicians from around the world are donating their time to support this worthy cause. I'll be live at 4pm US Eastern time on 9/13 but the train has already started and lasts all week! Check out the full schedule here: https://www.heartsupport.com/nspw-schedule

Also, we had a superfan come see us in Denver, and they made a bracelet like this one for each of us in the band:

I thought that was pretty neat! You can follow them on Instagram at @BeetlejuiceBracelets if you like!

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