Celebrity drag queen serves as crossing ...

Celebrity drag queen serves as crossing guard to promote student safety

Oct 28, 2022

Drag queen recruited by school district to serve as crossing guard

Celebrity drag queen serves as crossing guard to promote student safety

Phil Johnson Executive Director at Grace to You

Phil Johnson was kicked off Twitter for saying that the stationing of drag-queen crossing guards at elementary schools is state-sponsored grooming.

Phil posted a screenshot of the Tweet and says that he is refusing to admit that this constitutes harassment or a threat of violence against anyone because it is a statement of his moral convictions regarding a news story.

Phil goes on to say "This is the first time Twitter’s woke police have harassed me. But it will constitute a permanent ban from Twitter if they persist in demanding that I plead guilty to the charge of hate speech".

"School districts keep trying harder to foist this stuff on elementary school children. It's nothing short of state-sponsored grooming. Twitter has banned me for saying so. But while punishing me for speaking out might silence others, it isn't likely to change many minds. There WILL be a backlash against this campaign". "Most reasonable parents don't want their kindergartners indoctrinated or forced to embrace queer behaviors. Childhood and parenting are both hard enough without taxpayer-funded schools pushing sexual deviancy and gender dysphoria down the throats of little kids".

We live in a time where people no longer want to hear truth and will not stand for anyone who would speak truth about sin. We are told to embrace the sin and depravity of others and to not do so is bigotry. But if you are a true believer in Christ then you have no choice, you must speak up against this agenda of sexual deviancy.

This is just my opinion.

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