Summer 2023 - it's a wrap!

Summer 2023 - it's a wrap!

Oct 02, 2023

That’s it, summer installations and festivals all done and time for Autumn and planning for summer 2024!

Thanks People's Pride Southampton, Green Gathering, Queer Spirit Festival and Worthy Earth for having us.

Already ideas for work in 2024 are brewing, including some ocean themes inspired by our travels on Pilot Cutter Amelie Rose - and now armchair sailing as we watch Maiden and Pen Duik VI in the Ocean Globe Race, also by small scale adventures closer to home in Sophie and of course wild swimming.

The connection to nature continues as the nights draw in, our relationship to her changes but stays strong.

Preservation of the biosphere and connection to wildness within and without continues to be the main driving force behind my work.

Thanks to all who have followed our journey so far this year!

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