Lammas lesson on love

Lammas lesson on love

Aug 01, 2021

Remember, you can only grow what you’ve planted and you can only harvest that which you care for, and if you don’t give back to the soil, it will not have a yield next time. 

 Remember, if you don’t wait for the grain to be ready, if you don’t thresh and grind the grain completely, if you don’t knead the dough for long enough to give it the warmth of your hands and the movement to transform it, the bread will never rise. 

These rules have no exceptions. None. 

Not even (especially not) love. 

“Love, love is a verb, Love is a doing word.”*

Love is not a concept. Love is not a feeling. Love is not a thing that you can take without giving. Love is not a commodity. Love is not even a gift.

You’ve been lied to if you think love is something you win once, like a prize, and pick up and put down like a tool or a toy.

Love is a dance. Love is a patch of earth to tend. To love is to live it - transforming, growing, nurturing, being present for all of it, your hands on it, your hands on it, your hands, your eyes, your attention, your intention on it.

This rule has no exceptions.

Love is a doing word.

Lammas Blessings to you and yours 💛🌾 🥖

(*From the lyrics of ‘Teardrop’ written by Elizabeth Fraser and Massive Attack)

Image description: Image 1: eye level photo of ripe golden wheat with a blue sky and clouds behind it

Image 2: Jani’s hand holding a bunch of St John’s Wort yellow flowers against a green background of a wildflower meadow

Image 3: Jani’s hands holding up a heart made of earth with leaves in the background

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