The Birthday Card

The Birthday Card

Jan 18, 2023

It was a hopeful day that sparked creativity. My sister's birthday was around the corner, so I decided to have a fun photoshoot using a cupcake candle she'd gifted me some time ago. I'd been waiting for the right moment to light it up. I figured, there's no time like the present. I grabbed my lights and my camera and started creating. It was fun. I put together a short video and shared some photos with my sister. She loved it so much she suggested they be a birthday card. I thought, there's an idea! I made a few prints and really loved them. My sister was my first customer! So, here I am following her advice and selling "The Birthday Card."

$7 includes the birthday card and envelope. If you'd like me to hand write in a message and send to a recipient, I am happy to do that too (stamps not included).

Thank you for supporting my art.

Peace & Love,


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