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Hi, This is Me! 👋🏽

Hi, This is Me! 👋🏽

Aug 31, 2021

My name’s Jessica and I live near Oxford in England with my husband, my teenage son and two fluffy Corgi boys 🐶🐶 They're brothers: one is fast and high-powered and the other one is... eh, not so much!

On the internet I'm most active on Instagram. There you’ll see me talking mostly about Star Wars, and about BEN SOLO: THE WAY HOME, which is the fanfiction story I’ve written. It’s set a couple of months after THE RISE OF SKYWALKER and explores what happened next in the galaxy far, far away... You can read it on Wattpad (where it is currently an entrant for the 2021 Watty Awards) or on AO3.

I’ve been writing since my pre-teen years. I was lucky enough to get published a few times in my twenties, but the publisher folded and the books are now out of print. I had a crisis of confidence for some time after that, but the pandemic lockdown in 2020 gave me the unexpected gift of bringing my creativity back. I also completed a writing course with the University of Oxford at that time, which really helped put me in a place where I felt I was capable of writing again: and BEN SOLO: THE WAY HOME was born!

I’ve loved Star Wars since the early 80s. Back then I watched it on VHS, when it was just called "Star Wars" (nobody knew what "A New Hope" was). I was obsessed with Luke and Leia, and I had very conflicting feelings about Moff Tarkin, because he was clearly very evil but looked just like my granddad 😕

I am over the moon that we still get new content from this universe. The swell of excitement that came with the announcement of, and run-up to, THE FORCE AWAKENS was so precious.

Things I love:

⭐️ Tea
⭐️ Books and storytelling
⭐️ Flowers
⭐️ The men of Star Wars (OK, maybe not all of them)
⭐️ Doing laundry (I know 🤷🏻‍♀️)
⭐️ Music that moves me
⭐️ Making new friends!
⭐️ Deep conversations about meaning, symbolism and emotion 🥳

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