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Astro Journal November 2022

Astro Journal November 2022

Oct 28, 2022

The chaos of the Saturn Uranus square has set the world spinning into mindboggling insanity, and we’re now in the eye of the storm. Perched between eclipses and with Mars about to go retrograde on 30th October, the tumult and confusion won’t end any time soon. The eclipses on the Taurus/Scorpio axis run into next year, with the north node in Taurus adding fuel to inflation and price rises. Meanwhile, Saturn and Uranus continue their tug of war, with Uranus retrograde until January, when the tension will finally break.

The Saturn Uranus square represents a conflict between the old and the new, between the status quo and something radical or revolutionary. We can see Saturn in the powerful establishment clamping down on the people and trying to maintain order and control, and Uranus in the people pushing back and fighting for their freedom. 

But it can also be seen the other way around, with the powerful channelling Uranus into ideological reforms in a radical break from the past (aka the Great Reset). And the people holding on to Saturn and trying to maintain the traditional values that are being overthrown. 

The outcome isn’t predictable at this point but the instability that it’s creating will continue to shake the system apart even as the square fades into the new year. Mars retrograde will also contribute his own flavour of disruption and confusion which peaks in December and ends in January. More on Mars retrograde in Gemini here.

In November we move from Scorpio energy to Sagittarius, shifting our attention from power games, secrecy, and intense emotional transformation to the search for wider horizons, meaning and adventure. The Sun, Mercury, and Venus all start the month in Scorpio, where Venus is in her detriment. Mercury and Venus then enter Sagittarius a day apart, where Mercury is in his detriment, followed by the Sun a few days later. 

But the month begins with a total lunar eclipse at the Full Moon in Taurus on the 8th which happens just before Mercury’s superior conjunction to the Sun. This tense lunation triggers the Saturn Uranus square, with the Sun in a triple conjunction with Mercury and Venus in Scorpio opposite the Moon conjunct Uranus and the north node in Taurus, all in a T-square with Saturn in Aquarius. 

Both nodes are activated with the Sun and Mercury conjunct the South Node, potentially creating losses in this house for those affected, but also the opportunity to let go of anything you no longer need in this area. Despite the difficulties of this configuration, it contains great potential for liberation and a new beginning if you can handle the tension positively. 

It could be a powerful and unpredictable moment that provokes strong emotions and an intense desire for freedom and self-expression. The earthy Taurus Moon doesn’t enjoy being this close to Uranus and you may feel restless and jangly, with the T-square from Saturn increasing the tension and the pressure for change. Saturn may resist change but can also provide form for new ideas and inspiration.

You may be able to release some of this tension through Mars in Gemini, but since he’s retrograde, it might just lead to arguments and lots of shouting. Mars is also trine Saturn and square Jupiter conjunct Neptune, so there’s the potential for grounding new ideas or finding practical solutions to problems. You can also find release through the visionary inspiration of Jupiter Neptune in Pisces which adds optimism, imagination and faith.

Several hours after the Full Moon, the superior conjunction of Mercury with the Sun becomes exact in Scorpio under the same energies as the lunation, except now the Moon is also sextile Neptune and Pluto. This creates more possibilities for inspiration and transformation, and any seeds and intentions planted at the inferior conjunction of Mercury and the Sun in September could bear fruit now. 

On the 23rd, the New Moon in Sagittarius happens a few minutes before Jupiter stations direct in Pisces and heads back into Aries. The lunation is conjunct Mercury and Venus in Sagittarius in a happy stellium, with the Sun and Moon trine Jupiter conjunct Neptune in Pisces. Mercury and Venus are trine Chiron, while retrograde Mars is trine Saturn and square Jupiter and Neptune. Saturn and Uranus are still doing their thing.

This is a joyful, friendly and optimistic moment and a huge sigh of relief. It contains great hope for the future and the desire to expand your horizons on every level. You may feel idealistic and adventurous, perhaps with the desire to teach or share your ideas, but also restless and needing freedom and movement. 

Jupiter and Neptune are happy in their own sign, encouraging you to feel open to the future and everyone you meet, inspiring compassion and inspiration and warm feelings. You may have visionary experiences that open your mind and heart and heal old wounds.

However, retrograde Mars is still square Neptune and you might find yourself led astray or simply lost in a daydream or confused about how to act. You may be able to act on your dreams and visions and put your energy into creative work or spiritual practice. But you could also end up chasing rainbows or trying to escape into a fantasy world – and you might not even realise it. Your energy levels could also suffer if you push yourself too hard physically. 

This confusing and potentially draining alignment is in orb all month, with the exact square forming on the 19th. It remains in orb until the middle of December and then returns after Mars stations direct next year. So try to think things through carefully before you act and stay grounded as best you can.

Here’s a breakdown of the month by date:

  • 3 Nov – Venus opposite true north node

  • 5 Nov – Sun opposite true north node, Venus opposite Uranus

  • 6 Nov – Mercury opposite true north node

  • 7 Nov – Venus square Saturn

  • 8 Nov – Full Moon at 16° Taurus – total lunar eclipse, Sun conjunct Mercury at 15° Scorpio – superior conjunction 

  • 9 Nov – Mercury opposite Uranus, Sun opposite Uranus 

  • 10 Nov – Mercury square Saturn, Venus trine Neptune

  • 11 Nov – Sun square Saturn

  • 12 Nov – Mercury trine Neptune

  • 13 Nov – Venus sextile Pluto

  • 15 Nov – Mercury sextile Pluto, Sun trine Neptune, Venus trine Jupiter

  • 16 Nov – Venus enters Sagittarius, Mercury trine Jupiter

  • 17 Nov – Mercury enters Sagittarius

  • 18 Nov – Sun sextile Pluto

  • 19 Nov – Mars retrograde square Neptune

  • 21 Nov – Sun trine Jupiter, Mercury conjunct Venus at 7° Sagittarius

  • 22 Nov – Sun enters Sagittarius

  • 23 Nov – New Moon at 1° Sagittarius, Jupiter stations direct at 28° Pisces

  • 25 Nov – Mercury trine Chiron

  • 26 Nov – Venus trine Chiron 

  • 28 Nov – Mars retrograde trine Saturn

  • 29 Nov – Mercury opposite Mars retrograde

  • 30 Nov – Mercury sextile Saturn

Note: these dates are for GMT/UT. Check the details for your time zone at Astro-Seek where you can also look at the charts for all the alignments.

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Read more on the Saturn Uranus square here.

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