Free radio's not so free...

Free radio's not so free...

May 02, 2022

Hello friends!

Just did the math and figured out how much I've spent on digital versions of music to play on "Losin' It With Luscious" on MMH Radio the past 2 months.

March 2021 (Apple Music & Bandcamp) = US $114.15 / £91.45 / €108.71

April 2021 (Apple Music & Bandcamp) = US $168.39 / £134.91 / €160.36

I figure it'd be easier to ask for your support if you knew what the costs are to provide you with free programming 24/7. As on KALX Berkeley, I am not paid any money to DJ for you, my favourite listener!

I've been able to support Ukrainian artists who are simultaneously fighting the Russian invasion and recording/uploading new music, as well as tons of new and established underground punk, metal, and just plain weirdo musicians from around the planet!

If you can help defray some of these monthly costs, that'd rock!

Thank you, Jesse Luscious

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