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TT spoiler

Jul 21, 2023

''Today, we are roleplaying....'' Jungkook paused and walked closer to the blonde stealing his breathe and leaving his heart racing. ''.... I am an artist, and you are my canvas. I'll touch you...'' He paused and raised his hand to cup Taehyung's face. ''.... I'll caress you...'' He paused again to caress his cheek. ''.... I'll paint you and then....'' His eyes travelled to Taehyung's slightly parted lips before his thumb found home on his soft, pillowy lower lip. ''..... I'll ruin you.'' He completed pressing his thumb harshly against the blonde's lower lip making him moan.

''I'll break you and leave you wrecked, Taehyung.'' The stripper whispered close to Taehyung's ear making him close his eyes. The hardness poking his abdomen had him moaning and squirming with need.


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