Nov 19, 2023


Have you ever wanted to accomplish something that was important to you and yet you felt frozen to act on it? Usually there is an element of fear attached to it: fear of failure, fear of success, fear of the unknown outcome, so you procrastinate saying I’ll do it when _____(fill in the blank here) and then that inertia perpetuates itself? You haven’t done it because of the fear so you don’t do it and then you don’t want to do it because of your fear of not doing it.

It’s been a over a year since the inception of the Art/Poetry ebook project. Initially my fear was what to use as content, then it was “that content is passé” do I have anything valid to contribute? Then it was “it’s been two weeks now since we started and now I’m a week behind, then I’m a month behind, then 6 months what’s the point now? I can’t finish it now!

The thing is, the process of accomplishment comes in steps not in one big package wrapped with a bow. For the college graduate it started with one class, and then another until the requirement was met for a degree. For the runner it’s literally the first step followed by a succession of steps, then the miles that take them to the finish line of a race, and for the writer it happens word by word, one paragraph at a time and so on. Forward movement is also just a shift toward your desired goal. Sometimes it is as simple as letting go of the outcome and simply opening up heart and mind to the possibility of something good happening. So here I am...putting one word in front of the other...and letting go.


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