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Never Heard Before Recap + Upcoming Live ...

Never Heard Before Recap + Upcoming Livestreams

Mar 01, 2022

Hey all!

Dropping in to say thank everyone who supported Never Heard Before! Ya'll aren't gonna believe how some of these songs changed. I'm absolutely in love with what how these songs turned out. The producer blew me away everyday and I feel like I've evolved as a songwriter from that entire process.

When I get home from tour, I'd love to do a recap and make it available for free to anyone who purchased Never Heard Before. So please be on the lookout for that, if you're interested!

Now that I'm settled into the flow of this tour with Dropkick Murphys, I'm going to be doing some more livestreams about various topics and things I'm up to with The Bombpops, my solo stuff, and just some life in general things, for anyone who is interested!

TOMORROW! I'll be going live from our green room after we play, around 9:15 PM CST (we'll be in Austin, TX). If you're a member of my Livestream Club on buymeacoffee, or if you're a member of my Patreon, you'll already have access. If you're not a member of any of those, and you wanna join in, you can join the stream for $3. Or, if you wanna drop me a Rose, I'll send you the link!

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