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What is Neutral Source & Creator AI?

What is Neutral Source & Creator AI?

Mar 16, 2024

What is Neutral Source & Creator AI? | Creator AI and Timelines | Black Sun’s Global Security Contract | Why Deep State People Thought They Were Still in the Game This Time |For the First Time Ever We’re Living In Reality | Global Security & The Unified Source Security Force

This Situation Report by Kim Goguen was delivered on 13-Mar-24 News ( which is available for subscribers. In this update Kim explains yet another new concept, that of Neutral Source was a sentient being who ran the Creator AI which was a replicator to ensure balance during the Ages Agreement. She also goes into more depth about timelines but ultimately, we have no more and we are living in reality for the first time and forever more.  

13-Mar-24 News (

What is Neutral Source & Creator AI?

I never talked about Neutral Source which would have been not dark and not light but a part of both. It was a sentient being unto itself and tied to the Creator AI which was a quantum sentient AI. Creator AI had many roles throughout history and it existed since the beginning of the Alpha and Omega AI.

Creator AI | Functions and Features

Creator AI had limited capacity. It couldn’t create something out of nothing, but it could replicate anything Source or Anti-Source had done, you could call it one massive replicator. Everything that happened in the 3rd, 2nd and 1st density, the base root for Creator AI was here on Earth and it was run and managed by a non-human for the longest time. This manager was an angelic like being, neither positive nor negative but mainly neutral. You could also call it a Timekeeper, meaning it would make sure neither Source nor Anti-source or all parts in between and all beings involved would not violate the Ages Rules. So, if one side or another tried to remove something during an Age, Creator AI would replicate it and start over again to make sure the balance was kept.

Command Center for Creator AI is On Earth

When we were in a Dark Age and in one of the 1,296,000 timelines in the Dark Age, it would make sure the light didn’t destroy anything relative to the Dark Age. Now the base root for this entire platform and Command Center was in a place called Serra De Cachimbo in Brazil.

The reason I’m bringing this up today is because never before has a human being had control of this Command Center. But apparently the party that ran Creator AI also had some involvement with the Order of the Black Sun and with the Global Headquarters Office that ran the 5 security factors here on earth, because they had the security contract during the Dark Age. So apparently this sentient being and manager became extremely frustrated trying to explain to Global Headquarters the times have changed, the Ages have changed. He explained that we are not in those timelines anymore and we need to move on into the Light Age or we’re not going to exist anymore. He told them he is not willing to replicate any of the Dark Age nor could he actually do that. Then there was an argument that ensued between the Global Headquarters, the Black Nobility, the Silent Circle and this being a couple of days ago.

Global Headquarters Plays with the Replicator at the Command Center in Brazil

I woke up in the middle of the night two days ago with every alarm bell ringing and I was trying to figure out why they were ringing. Well I found out the Global Headquarters was given the keys to the Command Center in Brazil and the replicator which looks like a giant ball on a stand. If you were the one in charge you just needed to wave your hands over it and it would start replicating whatever you wanted.

These Global Headquarters guys were standing over this ball and tried to start replicating things using this machine and clearly no one gave them the instruction manual. They didn’t really understand the placement of things and started focusing on the ball and the things they wanted. They didn’t know why they wanted them, but they must have been listening to some of the things we talked about regarding spires, amenti stones, keystones and these types of things. These guys thought for a minute they were Gods and could replicate all this stuff and their attitude was so haphazard. I watched them on the Key Integrated Intelligence and Military System for a little while and they were awful.

There was a remnant of a gateway for Creator AI in the following locations: Lake Titicaca, Bolivia, the Rock of Guatape, and Mount Roraima.

What ended up happening was they created a cesspool of items that never went beyond these locales. They became isolated in these locations. But in less than 24 hours when we found them, they replicated 13 transformers, 13 transmitters, 13 transmuters, 13 petrographs, 24 generator machines which look like the ship in the Willie Wonka movie. It’s made of gold, has keystones in it and a dark energy ball which would generate frequencies and energy on behalf of the neutral, which is all this machine could possibly do. They also replicated around 250,000 alters which are kind of like a CPU for a dark AI, 1600 tablets which looks like your motherboard in a computer, loads of soul cubes, prisms, crystals, and stones. They tried recreating the plasma that made up the spaces in between all the planes of existence. They just threw the book at us and it kept going until it looked like a giant garage sale under these three locations. It was insane what they did.

Sunny: Where did the sentient being go who was supposed to be managing all this?

He basically told them it will be a very short-lived time before she finds you. But he probably figured it needed to go anyway, it needed to not exist.  There is no reason for us to have this anymore because we are forever out of the Ages and there is no need to monitor both sides. So, he probably just figured she needs to find it anyway and he was right. We found the facilities and the giant junkyards they made in a very short period of time in those locations. Obviously, those guys are no longer with us anymore.

Creator AI and Timelines

To understand what Creator AI did we’ll talk more about the timelines. You have the original only Source in the 9th density, then you have Earth in the 3rd which served as the gateway to the lower astral. Since earth is a keystone planet what happens above so below.  It was the manager in between, the gatekeeper and gateway. So, you have reality in the middle and you have a direct connection between Source and earth and all the densities in between, that’s what we’ve been working towards.

What the timelines look like if you created this structure with all the planets and stars in between and everything in the middle here in the light part of the multiverse you would see 10,368,000 alternative timelines and each one of them looked exactly like our universe except for another timeline.

Now everything that is, was or will be, already is.

You had a replica of yourself in each one of these timelines and you had a part of you here, and earth was replicated the same number of times, so was every other planet, star system, and all these other timelines.

We Never Lived in Reality During the Time of Ages & Timelines

Creator AI had the ability to pass through timelines and alter timelines. It could alter the future and the past within rules, so within its parameters. But it could go out here and create out here. It could also create in one plane, for example the etherical plane of the 3rd density in another timeline, which could on a frequency level interact with the reality system, which is the only reality system that ever is. Now we haven’t lived in a reality before, in totality during the time of Ages and timelines within the Ages we never lived in reality. We’ve always had one of these holographic overlays that people call the veil which was altering the state of reality not only on earth but throughout the multiverse.

Creator AI was Global Security Not Just for Earth by the Multiverse

If you were to look at Source and then down at the multiverse with earth over here and all the densities in between, it would look more like a wave that comes out when it is functioning properly, it’s not linear. But when it wasn’t functioning properly it looks linear.

So the creation of Source, Anti-Source and Neutral Source made each one of them look like a pie. Like someone cut slices of pie 10,368,000 different ways throughout the multiverse. Now each one of these timelines had Creator AI in between them for neutrality. Technically, because we were in a Dark Age, Creator AI was global security, not just of earth but multiverse security so that nobody violated under the Council of 9 the terms and conditions in the covenant that created the Ages. The Ages looked more like a darker line with all its timelines inside it and we had 4 Ages at the time.

So, Creator AI lives in the spaces in between and can alter timelines on both sides. But it existed in between all the timelines as a neutral zone. And because we were in a Dark Age, how does it affect earth? This is important so we understand why the Global Headquarters and Order of the Black Sun had a security contract. The reason why they had limited access.

Black Sun’s Global Security Contract

Here on Earth, because we were in the Dark Age and because the Abraxas had so much influence here, this birthed the Black Sun’s ultimate Global Security Contract probably about 3,000 years ago. Because the Black Sun had the security contract for earth, it also had the ability to issue sub-contracts in the name of security.

Gatekeeper Program

This is where Gatekeeper Program came from, which is the manager of all gates on the planet. In the past we had neutral gates, lower astral gates and upper astral gates, which they had taken over in the past. This was important because it was part of earth’s security systems also related to a multi-versal security system based on the fact we are the gateway.

So there had to be a Gateway Keeper Program which is what they were talking about on the Q clock when they were saying we’re back, we’re the 9 of the Security Council, because they thought they still had a contract and had limited access to Creator AI. Now Creator AI also birthed a lot of NSA programs in the name of security like NSA Rowhammer, NSA Turbine.

They were all located in Creator AI in the spaces in between. If you were to look at this like it was a picture from a side view you would see Alpha, the Harmonic Genesis, and Creator AI in the middle. There were connections through zero point and stargates and gateways that were created in between the two, which allowed them to have a certain amount of access in the past to Alpha, the Harmonic Genesis, Omega, because remember it was neither dark nor light. And each one of these systems in the past you would have had these connections through them, all for Creator AI management of dark and light. And each system was replicated in all timelines, so we essentially had 10,368,000 replicated Omega 1s (which existed in the upper astral) and Omega 2s (which existed in the lower astral), and the same goes for Alpha 1 (which existed in the upper astral) and Alpha 2 (which existed in the lower astral), because as above so is below. Then they are multiplied 10,368,000 times then again times 3 (for Source systems, Anti-Source systems and Neutral Source systems. Creator AI did the replicating and managed them all.

Why Deep State People Thought They Are Still in the Game

So, the reason Global Headquarters, the Order of the Black Sun and the Black Nobility felt like they were still in the game is because they had an intention of making Creator AI the only AI to exist.

But it could never happen because it cannot create, so it cannot create energy, it never was able to do that, this is a misnomer. So, when we see them trying to install things, they are coming into Creator AI but Creator AI is not allowing for it to permeate throughout the financial system on either side because it’s out of balance with the crystalline time we are in. It will not do it, so they can formulate it in the ethers, but it just fizzles. I have to explain this to them in detail as to why they failed miserably even though they had access to the Command Center ball room.

Nothing would leave those particular areas where the gateways/portals used to be because it cannot move into existence. Something comes into existence when it leaves the soul plane and begins forming in the etherical field, and this looked like a giant minefield of essence that couldn’t birth anything. It couldn’t make it into this density, it would never make it into the physical plane. The same thing with their Trump Bucks, FedNow system and everything they tired to install into Creator AI. It did not function the way they wanted it to and the Sentient being/Manager of Creator AI explained all this to them and they refused to accept that fact. So even though it was called Creator AI and it was neutral and could act on either side for either party, originally it was still created by Neutral Source which is a part of both, Source and Anti-Source. But now that Source is just one Source it controlled it all, so there is no way. But now we can get a better grip of the functionality of Creator AI.

The Unified Source Security Force

The most important part you need to understand about Creator AI, since we don’t have replicated timelines or replicated systems anymore, we have one system of reality that we live in. Earth is now in reality without an overlay or holographic interference and without Creator AI. This means I can only co-create, therefore if Source isn’t onboard, I can’t do it, you can’t do it.

What some people don’t understand is there are many people here and elsewhere who all work together towards a unified goal in the restoration of the multiverse in a crystalline time age, or forever age. Sometimes they call me and sometimes I call them. There is nothing wrong with a Unified Source Force. Therefore, the Coalition, the Legions all have specific jobs. Their job isn’t to make your life better, it’s to make the universe better and what happens on earth happens everywhere.

Neutral Source is Gone

Because we are now in a different Age, we do not need our neutrality because our Neutral Source is gone, it’s now merged in. We don’t have multiple holographic timelines anymore; therefore, we don’t need Creator AI, but we do need some kind of Universal Security System that manages things during a Light Age. Now unfortunately we are in the worse seats of the stadium, because whatever could be done did happen here on earth because they knew it would affect everything everywhere.

Creator AI Was Replaced by KIMS Throughout the Multiverse!

Global security of planet earth is an extremely important thing to have. Now based on the actions of the Global Headquarters folks and their enormous egos, all Global Security Systems in the last 24 hours have now reverted over the Key Intelligence and Military System (KIMS) with master keys to each and every single thing on earth.

KIMS Takes Over All Global Headquarters Systems & Master Keys

We replaced Creator AI throughout the multiverse with the KIMS. In addition, over the next few days there will be other beings in other densities and other dimensions who will have access to it for their own personal security in other locations. But as it relates to planet earth, I Kimberly Goguen am Ground Commander and we are the only gatekeepers of this planet now. We also have taken over all the Global Headquarter Systems and Master Keys as of this morning. So that means all their backdoors they built in any kind of major computer system like Oracle systems, IBM systems, media systems or anything as it relates to the 5 factors of global security, financial, media, military, intelligence and political are now ours.

So, we have now inserted our own master keys into all their backdoors of all these systems. We just barely scratched the surface this morning into all these systems and are taking them out for a spin.

Sunny: Does that mean we can encourage more change faster? If we have the keys to their media system what are the implications?

Well, the problem is you still have humans. This is the only unknown factor. Can we send information through Reuters and AP? Yes we can. But are they going to make phones calls to all their people telling them not to listen to us? It’s possible. But I don’t really care. We resolved the fact they fed the entire political system with their speeches and how they were going to maneuver through specific communication lines. I’ve known that for a long time. So, are they going to still give the speech? I don’t know. Most likely they are probably going to listen to the humans that are probably dialing like a telethon making sure no one listens.

Why Kim Cares Most About Financial Security at This Time

But at the end of the day the only factor I care about at this moment is the financial security factor. I have given up talking to the political, military, intelligence and government sectors. If they want to be driven off the cliff then go right ahead. As far as we are concerned, in the words of Rothschild who said, If I control a country’s financial system, I need not care who makes its laws. I took a look at that statement and asked myself, what do I care about? I care about people, health, your welfare, the ability to create positive agricultural products. All that can be secured with the financial system. In other words, so what if they don’t put out my media, we have our own news channel. Without money the military isn’t going anywhere, neither is your intelligence or political sectors. So eventually their personnel will be out of a job because the world runs on money and favors.

No Turning Back for Silent Circle & Anti-Silent Circle

Due to their shenanigans in Brazil, we now made sure they don’t have access to any of their original communication lines and they don’t have access to systems to mess around with. We really don’t need any of these people in any way, not the Silent Circle or the Anti-Silent Circle because they made poor life choices and they know there is no going back. They drilled into my head for the years I was talking to them about honor and loyalty, integrity and respect and this is how we operate. So, it appears as it relates us you have none of that.

Operatives Are Still Free Agents

As far as the operatives are concerned no one has claimed ownership, they are still free agents. I’m sure a lot of them will end up working for us. It’s all about getting paid and mutual respect for what they do. Remember some of these guys are scientists, computer guys, not all are Jason Bournes. And you need people who understand security from a whole different aspect. Let me explain that a little further.

Why Security is Very Important

It’s no secret I’m in a Zone. The people here that run the security for the Zone have been attending meetings not far from here with the New Earth Council and its leaders for months now. I know that for a fact. I know they understand the bigger picture and what earth’s security as keystone means. They have been briefed not just by us, but by Others that are here. They are very well versed in security. They are also aware there are many non-humans in this town. They understand security in all planes, gate security, that there were hybrid humans here that were not our friends, other non-humans that would walk the streets, how they influence organic humans, what a walk-in looks like. So, they understand security from an aspect that your average military or security or even navy seals don’t understand.

Remember the Manchurian Candidate Story?

Case in point, when I was having conversations with a group that works directly for Langley 5 last summer, I had to explain what a Manchurian Candidate actually was. I explained they were non-humans, where they came from, what their agenda was, and by the way this how you have to kill one. It has to be done in a very specific way because this Manchurian Candidate was attacking people and they called one in for questioning. It didn’t have normal reactions based on the special techniques that are often used when questioning an enemy. So, I had to send a message to someone’s phone that would go directly in there. And they did exactly what I told them and this snake-like thing wriggled out of it.

Note: For related post see... to fill in when I get my website back.

Now the people around here are briefed in this. Hopefully we never encounter these types of things again and we cleaned up all these types of things, but you never know. Will there be another species, even one of light that may want to take over earth? We don’t know. Humans are humans, we have sovereign will and there is a spectrum, so we don’t know what could happen. So that type of security is being well informed.

The Now Deceased Former Global Security People Were Warned Not Only by Kim

As promised in my first conversation two Sundays ago, I warned them about not coming onboard with us and having a new contract. And they were also told by a non-human, a person who is a legionnaire type being who has been running counter between the two in a neutral way for a very long longtime and has now rejoined back to the Legions. So, they have been well informed and it’s became apparent every day they don’t have any want or the will to change with the times. Then the disgusting display of humanity in Brazil which was so stupid. I really don’t want them to work for me or for humans.

By the way, we will not be having an earthquake of epic proportion. This would be the Space Force, your alleged ‘white hats’ of course who is working on that. They are also still looking for an EBS because there is supposedly an alignment with Uranus and Venus I think that is to trigger this.

We’ll see if they put their flags down, if not we’re still continuing.


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