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Deep State Continues Running On Old Know ...

Deep State Continues Running On Old Knowledge

Mar 14, 2024

Deep State Continues Running On Old Knowledge | Still Preparing for a Financial Crash | The Hope of Keeping Governments, Political, Military & Intelligence Sectors is Gone | Madness | Did the Pandemic Really Wake People Up? | Let’s Not Forget the Horrible Things That Happened During the Trump Admin | Good Things That Came to Light About Being Human

This Situation Report by Kim Goguen was delivered on 11-Mar-24 News ( which is available for subscribers. Kim continues where she left off with the Deep State still running on old knowledge, looking for scraps and still preparing for a financial crash, which will definitely happen to them instead of their intended audience.

11-Mar-24 News (

Deep State Continues Running on Old Knowledge

It’s the second day of the new moon and the deep state is forever hopeful. I guess I can understand what they were looking for, but again knowledge doesn’t overcome wisdom and they are still running on old knowledge. It was crazy over the weekend and energetic-wise it was rough. I think they were trying to gain some access to an alternative timeline. There was a group of old retired Generals called SHIELD (similar to the Marvel Comics folks) that came in over the weekend. Langley 5, Global Headquarters, the Silent Circle all came and asked for their advice on what they should do to prepare for what was going to happen on the new moon supposedly. They gave them old access codes and of course none of them worked. But it’s not just about gaining access to computers but also control of weather manipulation, energy and essence, knowledge and wisdom and a lot of different things.

Looking for Scraps

As remnants of holographic timeline overlays fade away then subsequent events were to happen. So it wasn’t a predetermined day this would take place, but this was taking place this weekend and today. If you look at the universe like a hall of mirrors at a fair, you see yourself in the middle and then multiple reflections of yourself. But of course, there is only one you and one multiverse, but you’re seeing a hologram essentially. And until a few years ago, if you affected one of the holograms you could have affected the reality. So, it’s not quite a mirror, but a functional division of oneself for lack of a better term. That could be what they were looking for, they were hopeful the dark could still win and we would merge all these universes into a dark timeline forever. So, they were pretty upset this morning that things were going in the other direction. They were also looking for their money this morning because they are always promised money after a new moon.

Still Preparing for a Financial Crash

Another thing that they have been trying to do is prepare for a financial crash. What I mean by prepare is, find any access they can and then try to crash it. Due to the wealth they were expecting today, they would have then reverted everything to their curse currency so we could be in a perpetual state of evil for eternity. But these things didn’t happen and as far as the rumor of a financial catastrophe, I do not see one for humans. However, I see it for banks with no access to our funds, for governments which is unavoidable at this point, for the Global Headquarters and all their 5 sectors, for the Order of the Black Sun, for the Order of the Dragon and probably for all Corporations that fall under their umbrella, due to their refusal to see life any other way than their old knowledge that doesn’t exist.

The Hope of Keeping Governments, Political, Military and Intelligence Sectors is Gone

There is nothing we can do at this point. It was a hope we could keep governments awhile and at this point I don’t know how long they can limp along. They are being told to wait of course and I don’t know what the next date is.  

Just to see what they would do; I gave out a certain amount of information on the news and some of it was through phone calls. After listening in to the meetings over the weekend and seeing all the attempts they made, like clockwork they went to all these locations to get their omega badge, to get black screen access, but nothing happened. They are still looking and they called me, but I didn’t take any, I was too busy. There is just no reason to have those phone calls and give them any more information. And the person who was put up to call me is under tremendous pressure to call me, I know that and I just prefer to say I have nothing left to say.

There is next to no chance of them turning around, therefore expect to see a steep decline in the political sectors and back office of the banks. I don’t think they will ever become your service provider, so we’re going to have to figure out a way to distribute money electronically and then have to print our own money.

So, for us too, it’s a depopulation scenario, in order to clean the slate. How many more layers do we have to go down and remove? I don’t know. Do we have to give them a chance anymore? No one has come forward with honor and integrity, they all dipped their foot in to see what they could steal from us and others. I don’t see any hope, or any funding for governments ever. Any thoughts that we could repair the political, military and intelligence sectors, I’m also taking out of the equation. It’s very old programming that goes back about 1.5 million earth years.

Good Things That Came to Light About Being Human

Some good things did come to light as far as just how powerful humans are and how they are used a lot throughout the multiverse in different ways.

Humans & Divine +9

The original human DNA blueprint allowed the human being to possess the ultimate divine, so Source. It also allowed you, based on your vessel structure to contain that type of ultra-pure energy and ultra-pure essence. On the other side you could have also chosen to contain the dark divine. So, this is human beings.

For the most part, we have retained a connection in some more than others to the divine, as far as humans on earth. Now the reason that was permitted to some degree is because they need your energy, your essence. They need who you are to make them who they are and to create things out of darkness. Now they genetically modified us over and over and over again, so that we couldn’t connect to the divine or only had a limited amount to ensure your survival and be a good little battery here on earth. Genetic modification was not only of your human, but all the planes of existence within your human to prevent you from receiving the energy, the wisdom.

Order Families & Divine -9

They were trying to make sure you never got to 9 on either side, the highest realm of the multiverse, but when it came to the Family side, those humans were genetically modified in a different way. They had access to more technologies than we do, and they were allowed to be genetically modified if they accepted a covenant with Lucifer and Anti-Source. Once that was done, they would receive the ultimate dark divine, so Anti-Source. Is there anyway to come back from that? I don’t know. Are they still anchoring the darkness here? No, they lost the connection to the Anti-Source and this is making them a little crazy. These humans are exhibiting very odd behaviors and a lot of them died. There are a lot of rumors Kate Middleton died, Chuckie too. But then again high-profile figures usually die in December so who knows when we will hear. I think they are still waiting for the summer solstice for the birthday of William, which is going to be nothing.

With Great Power Comes Great Responsibility

This is why I tell you the reconnection back to Source in many ways is ever increasing as we remove those filters put in place by the dark side. You don’t really realize how powerful you are as a being throughout the multiverse. Now with great power comes great responsibility. There are more of us than there are of them and one thing I have seen going on over the weekend, is that most of us are excited about receiving the wisdom and thankful for infinite wisdom to do things you never thought in a million years you could do. For example, you could literally sit down in a plane and figure out how to fly it.

But on the flip side, we have a lot of people in this world with full cups. Even though they are receiving wisdom, their ego does not permit them to listen. There are also people going crazy now because they are having to see things that are not acceptable to them. For example, they built up in their world a reason why they are not successful and they won’t let that go. So, we’re going to see a lot of people have a hard time with themselves. But remember, there are lots of things we look back at that we just didn’t know was bad. How many of us brought our children for vaccinations not knowing how bad that really was? I was one of them. You have to watch the guilt and shame cycle because that’s what they want. I can see a lot people are struggling with that right now and they are having a difficult time.

There is also the financial aspect of things. I’ve talked with people involved with the financial reset at the highest level, and they’ve been chasing pallets of cash for 15 years as this has been going on since March 2007. They chased the dangling carrot for so long they see it as the only way out of their problems. They’ve been chasing a dream and all along the higher ups knew. They never gave them money when they had access, so why would they give it to them now when they don’t. This is where the wisdom is going to be tough because they are going to get the wisdom too and they will want to ignore it, which is why they will never give up.

How Many Will Actually Listen to the Wisdom?

I was talking to a friend of mine over the weekend who is very intuitive and he asked, how many people are going to actually listen to the wisdom? That’s a good question. The pathway opens once you start walking down that path. Or you can sit there with your full cup and think of all the reasons why it wouldn’t. But if people start to see positive changes, I do believe the majority of the people will see it as a positive and start to follow that direction.

Right now, it looks like they are trying to manipulate me, get information from me, trying to steal from me when I’m doing transfers. I’m not saying they are successful, and they are still trying to get me to fund governments because I have and could do that, but I’d rather fund you so I’m not interested in playing the game again, just like the Trump Administration.

The Trump Thing Again

Speaking of Trump, there has also been a lot of chatter amongst the Trump lawyers that if he gets back in office again then all the money will come again.  I can assure you with 100% certainty that is a false thought process.

Sunny: Well, do you think maybe he needs to get back in office so they can see he’s not the savior?

I don’t think so. As far as the people who are the government, and they are people we don’t know and don’t see, there is no common sense amongst those trying to run it. And the operatives still listening to them, even though they were released, also don’t have common sense because they could say no. So as far as waking up these people from something, I’m not so sure.

Personally, I admit I’ve been thinking what Sunny said too lately, especially since there doesn’t seem to be any lessening on the Trump front. But with his latest comment about taking credit for the jabs again I just can’t make heads or tails of what their strategy is, until Kim reminded me there is no common sense amongst those trying to run it.

Did the Pandemic Really Wake People Up?

The percentage of people who woke up during the pandemic was higher than the normal rate of people waking up. Now is that due to the pandemic? Or was that due to the fact that their life slowed down, people were out of work, they had more time and they were home looking for information? Is that why? It’s possible or is it because we were just getting closer and closer to a Light Age that things were becoming clearer and clearer. Is that really the cause for humans waking up? What I can say with 100% certainty, it is not because of the Trump Administration. By the way, on a side note, Melania was an agent and Trump knows it. She was gifted to him. She mentioned that before, she was a gift from Putin.

Let’s list some of the “positive” things that happened during the Trump Administration:

  • Millions of American businesses shutdown.

  • Millions lost their homes.

  • Millions became homeless in America.

  • We went into lockdown.

  • We walked around with masks that made us sicker.

  • There is a huge increase in dental issues because of the masks, because you’re not supposed to re-inhale your own bacteria.

  • There was a huge uptick in pneumonia and other things not related to the pandemic. More illnesses, strep, staph infections, yeast infections.

  • We had mud slides in California and hurricane Michael left many homeless because he never used that money for what he was supposed to.

There were so many bad things that happened during that Administration and nobody woke up, not even the Republican voters. Name one positive thing this guy did! It’s like the spouse that goes back to the abusive spouse. Why do you alleged patriot Republicans want to go back?

So, I have no hope of government people becoming awake. People will start changing their lives out of necessity and not out of common sense. When companies start to go under and/or if they keep increasing the prices of everything, people will have to look for new sources, and will need to create new sources. If torture did not wake up the government people, you are not going to wake up the American people if the government crashes. They will probably say, Poor Trump! He finally got elected and there is no office for Trump to get into! These people will be so upset thinking their lives are over.

So, we might not see these humans waking up until the percentage of their brain that they utilize increases. Or maybe they don’t want to change.

Personally, I’ve said the same thing for four years. The people who were already in the process of awakening became way more awake, while those who were asleep went into a deeper sleep. I attributed it to denial because they just aren’t equipped to face the truth and all that entails. So, I’m with Kim, Trump had nothing to do with waking up anybody.  

Q Clock Insanity Continues

Evidently the crazy Trump people still left and running it cut it down to 3 days of darkness. I missed that. But as I’m writing this post a couple days later, they have a new update of 28 days, The Final Countdown.

Coming soon | Q (

They will continue to look for the next new moon, alignment, etc., common sense is never going to happen. Part of the reason they thought this new moon was so special is because it’s 10 days within the equinox. They will still be reading those books, even if we were funding thousands of projects through C.A.R.E.

Wrapping Up

So, Source really did bring back the apples and now over the last 48 hours we have holographic universes that operate in the same timeframe but in other timelines starting to dissipate too. The other bit of good news is we are seeing the new earth unaltered. But do they have an ability to reach into an alternative timeline and cause a problem here? No, but it’s out there dangling, like candy to a baby. It is fading and we are never leaving this time; but I really don’t think it will change their mind.  

There is a part of me also that would like to see them live with the rest of us like us and have to grab a shovel and clean this place up like the rest of us. That would be great. Maybe we can put them in a prison camp and let them out just to do work. But I don’t even know if I trust them with that.

They do have their own money and while we can deplete their bank accounts it doesn’t mean the corporates are not going to continue to pay them their tithes. Perhaps not until the corporates run out of money will they will stop paying. You have to look at the bigger picture and what you want to spend your time doing. Do you want to spend it complaining? I don’t, I’m just mitigating loss that could hurt humanity. But on the other side of it I am excited to have a little bit of time to create alternatives and focus less on them. Especially after listening to their meetings this weekend, they are going off the cliff for sure. Hey maybe we should put the key to Alpha at the bottom of the Grand Canyon and tell them the only way to get to it is to jump. Ha ha, I like that a lot!




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