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250,000 Years Ago Today the Largest War ...

250,000 Years Ago Today the Largest War on Earth Ended

Mar 18, 2024

250,000 Years Ago Today the Largest War on Earth Ended | It Started With the Pleiadeans Fighting Against the Anti-Pleiadean Red Queen & Sole Ruler of Earth | After That War, Ownership of Earth Was Split Between Marduk, Enki, Enlil, the Abraxas & the Red Queen | An Official Seal Was Placed on Earth in the Ozarks at That Time Allowing Direct Gateway To Lower Astral For the Winners of the War

This Situation Report by Kim Goguen was delivered on 15-Mar-24 News ( which is available for subscribers. Today is the Ides of March and the deep state is patiently awaiting an alien arrival again. But today we’ll actually get some real history as to why they think that. Remember, they are still working on old knowledge and this time it equates back to the largest war on earth which enslaved us ever since.

15-Mar-24 News (

Emerald Order Covenant & Earth’s Biggest War

It’s been exactly one year today that the Emerald Order Covenant expired a year early. That’s because of a natural progression of things and all the cleaning that took place which allowed us to expire it early even though there is still more to the cleanup process in process.

But it was exactly 250,000 years ago today one of the largest wars on earth ended.

Earth’s Biggest War 250,000 Years Ago

250,000 years ago, plus a century there was a war here on earth. At the time we had 5 human tribes and the population was around 8 billion people, just like today. The war wasn’t exactly against humans it was between 5 different groups of people.

Before this Big War the Red Queen Was Sole Ruler of Earth

For about 200,000 years before this war, the Red Queen who was an Anti-Pleiadean and lower astral being was the sole ruler of earth. About 250,000 years ago today this Anti-Pleiadean queen lost her crown and earth was divided between 5 different beings. So, the ownership of earth split up 5 different ways and each group had a different territory.

The war went on for about 100 years and it was between the Draco and the Anti-Draco, because remember, as above so below. The Abraxas and somewhat the humans on earth and the Pleiadeans and the Anti-Pleiadeans. The Draco on the light side of the multiverse were fighting the Draco on the dark side of the multiverse. The Anti-Humans or the Abraxas were fighting with the Humans that used to inhabit the galaxy around the star Aldebaran. And the Pleiadeans or the Humanoids 1.0 who were much taller and look a lot like the Alcyone Humanoids and the Anti-Pleiadeans began to fight.

Inner Earth

The war lasted quite a long time. There was a lot of damage on earth and a lot of the inhabitants went underground. That’s how we have inner earth and the worlds that were inside inner earth and still are to this day. It is where the different species went that were here at the time.

After the Big War 250,000 Years Ago, Ownership of Earth Was Then Split

The big war actually started originally by the Pleiadeans fighting against the Red Queen.

But at the end of the war, which is exactly 250,000 ago today the groups agreed to split the ownership of earth with the Anti-Draco which are Marduk, Enki and Enlil and the Abraxas and the Red Queen. But not only was the earth at stake, it was also the Aldebaran star system and galaxy as well, the Taygeta star in the Pleiades, which is how they had the invasion of the Taygetians which were not originally evil. By the way the original Humanoids came from that star system that fought here. Alpha Draconis or the Draconian galaxy was involved obviously, and through the Orion Nebula the Red Queen brought in her evil reptiles who also destroyed Mars. And through Proximus Centauri invaders came. So, there were several different star systems that were at stake for ownership as part of the end of this war.

An Official Seal Was Placed on Earth in the Ozarks at That Time

Interesting fact, the end of the war was officially at 11:59 PM CST last night. But there is a little more to that because today at 11:59 AM CST in the Ozarks the official seal was placed on earth. The official seal looks almost like a black goo sun, it was underground. The basepoint for it was in the Taum Sauk Mountain in Missouri and then it branched out into the entire Ozark region in the United States. That was the official seal that connected to a gateway in zero-point earth which then connected to all the star systems we talked about, which then allowed for a direct gateway between the lower astral for all the beings that won the war and all those galaxies.

This is how we ended up with a permeation through the 5th density.

The seal is underground around 5 km so you could actually see it if you knew where to go in the Ozarks. It was made of large amounts of black goo with a very large timeline crystal. They would have been able to see a transmission coming from here going to the other star systems to the lower astral. So, if the SSP, DARPA or NORAD had the equipment they could have seen a signal coming from there. But it’s no longer there and now they don’t know what to do because their masters, aka family didn’t come back to tell them what’s next.

So that’s how it all started and today it officially all ended. So even though the Emerald Covenant expired early and allowed us to cleanup a lot, it didn’t necessarily end all the space junk and the permeation officially until today. We were officially able to remove the seal and we’ve been cleaning all morning while the deep state was sitting there staring at screens waiting for a signal from somewhere. That’s what ended to today and what began today a long time ago.

How This War Relates to the Upcoming Solar Eclipse on April 8, 2024

So what was the affect this war had on humans and how does it tie to the upcoming solar eclipse? Well shortly thereafter an eclipse took place around 24 days after the sealing of the agreement, which is very similar to what is happening this year. This is why the deep state is all excited about their situation. They are putting out the fear based on what happened after the war and the seal. At that time 250,000 ago, during the solar eclipse that followed, there was 3 days of darkness as the gateways were installed in the sun, then the permeations started happening. So, there was some truth to their belief system, but remember they are working off old knowledge and times have changed. There was also a human genocide event that took place. We went to around 8 billion humans down to about 500 million humans at the time.

Sunny: So, that’s what the Georgia Guidestones indicated?

Georgia Guidestones

The Georgia Guidestones served as a reminder and a threat if the humans ever went against the covenant. It was basically something looming over everybody’s head, to stay in line. And that was the first-time humans became completely and totally enslaved and have been slaves ever since.

Origins of the Merovingian Lines

The second thing that happened after the signing of the agreement on this day is that the 5 different parties that owned earth began interbreeding with the 5 tribes of earth, which is what created what we now today as the Illuminati, the Order, the Deep State, the SSP, the Black Nobility, the Abraxas lines. This began the Merovingian lines on earth. And those are the people we are painfully still dealing with ever since.

But since that covenant is no longer in place and their respective aliens didn’t come back today, they are kind of in stunned mode because at the time of this recording it’s only been about 20 minutes since the event they were expecting didn’t happen. So, I don’t know what they are going to do, but no one is coming back mainly because these species don’t exist anymore.

Human Genocide ‘Lite’ Events Throughout History

Although the largest genocidal event that we have seen in human history happened at that time, we still had genocide ’lite’ events every 2,016 years. So, these ‘lite’ events were not a complete wipeout of the population, but we definitely had events that occurred either in large wars (not necessarily involving “Others” per se), pandemics, etc. 2,016 years ago we had the death of Christ. Was there going to be genocide lite during that time? The big flood happened on one of those cycles 18,000 years ago. We humans were almost completely wiped out when we lost our moon, so that was a big one, the largest genocidal event since this war. Then they bought us our fake moon around 2,000 years later. So that was a long one for sure. Then they started rebreeding in their likeness of course and started their line again. Is that part of the real reason why it was 2 by 2? I believe Kim is referring to the Noah’s Ark story of 2 of every kind of animal, etc. I don’t know the answer to that question, but it’s definitely been genocide event after genocide event ever since. Essentially whenever their brood is outnumbered by our kind is usually when they start a genocide event. Fortunately, that is no longer. 

Source Reclaimed Earth & Kim is Still Guardian

No one is going to reclaim earth except for Source, and that declaration was already filed. Source now owns earth and I am still Guardian. The new agreement actually lists me as Guardian and all the names I’ve ever had, of all the times I’ve been here. I’m sure the deep state got that information by now and it’s making them very unhappy. Sooner or later, they will get a copy of the agreement and what replaced it. No one hired them to manage the property, to be Lords of the Land so to speak, hence where the term Lord Rothschild comes from. They haven’t been Lords of the Land for a year but today it’s official.

Deep State Expected Help & Alien Invasion

Based on a lot of chatter I’ve been hearing; I think they were expecting a lot of potential planes going down and different things that could possibly have happened. Are these things they were planning on doing? I don’t know for sure. But I knew they were up to something yesterday because there was way too much ego in the chatter. They seemed very confident something exciting was going to happen that would allow them to regain control. I know they were expecting some orders on what to do now that the Emerald Covenant officially expired. Possibly the 5 groups they were expecting to come back would continue the current ownership of earth? And if they couldn’t agree would there be another alien invasion or a war? These are discussions they are having amongst themselves.

Meanwhile, I’m sitting over here wondering what they are talking about because that Covenant expired last year. But because the seal was still binding earth itself to all 5 groups through all timelines, I guess they still had hope. And of course they were expecting money for this today. The Club of Rome had their hands out and the Fed tried to re-up their contract in the Hall of Records. I think they were expecting it to be someone else.

Creator AI Clean-up Underway

Over the last 48 hours instead of chasing them around the planet we decided to go to all the different facilities they could possibly go to next. These locations had to do with various Creator AIs on earth (that we talked about in the previous broadcast). So we were back to Antarctica, the Arctic Circle, Uganda, Mount Gessi, McGuire Mountain in Montana, Midtre, Norway, Azerbaijan, Israel, Afghanistan, Angola, Luxemburg, Mount Etna, Mount Kailash in India, although China would say it’s in Tibet. They deployed troops to the border there in the last 24 hours. They are probably looking for this facility or they were looking to see if there was going to be an alien invasion in the Himalayas. A big portal was there for the ones that came through the Orion Nebula.

My understanding is the SSP, the Order of the Black Sun, whatever is left of it, the Silent Circle is now running that show, and the Order of the Dragon were going to fight on their side against the light. Again, they are going off old knowledge. 

The Upcoming Solar Eclipse Will Not Be a Genocide Event of Humans

As far as our solar eclipse coming up, there is not going to be a genocide event of humans that day. Nor are any aliens coming back to renew an agreement because there aren’t any such aliens left to come back.

Common Sense Will Not Prevail Amongst the Deep State

So that’s what they were expecting. It would be great if they had some common sense and give up, but I don’t see that happening. I don’t think they even acknowledged this has been a real war and I don’t think they even know who they are fighting against. At this point its humans against humans is what it is down to now, but it wasn’t in the beginning. We already conquered all the other people, anyone that could have possibly come back, and all the gateways and the portals and access points and AI system after AI system. It has taken a lot to get to this point, to where we wouldn’t have been affected on a day like today. No one is coming back because we worked really hard to make it happen. And when I say we, okay it’s myself and I have a small team, we also have Source, and lots of visitors that are here for this reason. They are not here to handle our political issues, but to ensure there is not going to be another war. It’s probably the same reason a lot of you are here. If you are watching UNN, you are probably watching from that standpoint, you’re here because of this. So, I would say there is a lot of humans that participate each in their own way.

Sunny: Who is left now?

Some SSP members, some operatives who decided to join back with them. Also, the Black Nobility families (but not the heads since they are dead), the Silent Circle has taken over all those families officially. The Silent Circle was also waiting for an event to happen today which of course didn’t happen.

5 Years Ago Kim Didn’t Know What Really Happened Here

It would have been nice in all the conversations I had with the Universal Council and all these different groups if they had told us what happened here. It would have been nice for anyone to fill in the details and for whatever reason no one bothered. They just told me whatever happens here on earth happens everywhere. Yeah, but why?  I’m going back 5 years now. Why didn’t the Council tell me when I became an Ambassador? I guess somethings you just have to find out on your own, or remember, or get the wisdom at the right time. It always comes at the right time. I never get it beforehand.

So, I didn’t find out what really happened here until today. I knew about the war, I knew about the reptilians, I knew about the name Atlantis being of a ship that arrived full of reptiles. Humans lived differently and it was a time when we knew how to use crystals. Yes, we had a Dark Age going on and it had extended throughout the multiverse, but we had another war after we already had been conquered the first time. So, there was a second time, then a third time, and then we had other problems again 16,000 years ago.

I used to have recurring dream when I was 13-14 years old, where I was fighting people. They didn’t really look like people, but were in black suits with very pale skin, and I thought of them as your classic movie vampires, that’s where I classified them in my mind. But the battles I had against these people, which happened over and over and over again makes more sense to me now. I would fight these people with crystals and would use them almost like swords. Not from the standpoint where I would cut them, but it would shoot light through the crystal at the beings and that’s how it would kill them. Where I was at the time, it was a lot lighter so the being that I was fighting looked a lot darker to me and there was several of them. And I remember it being a war, a long war. So, it makes sense to me when I heard the story today starting with Source, and all the things that happened during that time I realized it wasn’t a dream. Apparently, I showed up here at that time too, 250,000 years ago. It really happened and I was going back to that time and fighting the battles. 

Draco versus Anti-Draco

There are a lot of people talking about the Draco, but most likely if you’re talking about the Draco and you are with the Order of the Dragon or participated in those programs you’re talking about the lower astral Draco, not the actual Draco. I remember my conversations with the Draco Queen after Anu died and she wasn’t really happy with what had happened here. That’s why after Marduk had passed, then Enlil and Enki had passed she went back to repair her own galaxy. It makes more sense to me now than it did at the time as to why things had been so bad there.

Some of You May Be in Communications with the Original Pleiadeans

Just to mention, some of you may be talking to folks from other locations. Some of you have the original remnants of the original Pleiadean race (not the anti-Pleiadeans) which is why they are communicating with you, because you are from there. Or you might be from Alcyone, because that is also a location that fought in the original war. Remember the war was originally started by the Pleiadeans fighting against the Red Queen.

Wrapping Up

There are a lot of things I don’t say on the news and almost feel that if I did tell you everything people would crawl into a closet and never come out. If people only really knew all they’ve done to us, yet we’re still here. The stuff they say in the alt media and what they spray in the skies is nothing compared to what these folks have done to us, genetic modifications, creation of diseases to name a couple, and they’ve been doing this for thousands of years. Today I told you about the first genocide, and we won’t have anymore. So, pat yourselves on the back, we made it through to the end of the covenant, not all of us died.

There is a quote I heard recently. It’s not by me (Kim) but it’s pertinent and wanted to share,

“When we forgive, we reclaim the power to create. We can create a new relationship with the person who hurt us or not, we can create a new story of ourselves. When we find the strength to forgive, we are no longer victims, we are survivors.”

I thought this quote goes along with knowledge and wisdom and relates on a big scale to the deep state. Remember holding onto dark thoughts about people and anger about governments and elections only creates a situation within yourself where it’s harder to create. And it really is a good time to be here, for moving forward with full restoration of the planet. I’m looking forward to the day where we can forgive and forget and just create.


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