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Youtube Preview Image chrome extension

Youtube Preview Image chrome extension

Dec 20, 2020

English Introduction

If you want to save your time previewing Youtube video thumbnail without modify the real one back and forth.

Install this chrome extension.

User Guide:

  1. Right click on the image you want to replace

  2. Select "Preview Youtube Image With"

  3. Click "Local file" for "URL"

Then, you can preview the image you want.

( The image won't upload to cloud. It's just a local replacement )

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More info:


如果你想要節省來來回回修改影片縮圖的時間,在 Youtube 網站上即時預覽

可以下載 Youtube Preview Image 這個 chrome extension


  1. 在想更換的影片縮圖片上,點擊右鍵

  2. 選擇 [更換 Youtube 預覽圖]

  3. 選擇 [本機檔案] 或 [URL]

就可以更換你想修改的縮圖,方便 Youtuber 即時預覽效果

( 圖片不會存到雲端,只是本地端暫時更換而已)

歡迎贊助,解鎖無限次數更換的 VIP 功能


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