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Patch Updates! (AIO Stomp, Droff Pack)

Patch Updates! (AIO Stomp, Droff Pack)

Jul 07, 2021

Hi all!

This is a BIG update from me regarding my patch packs. For those who purchased my individual patches from these videos:

You'll be pleased to know that I've made these into patch packs! I'll be dropping patches into these Google Drive folders as time goes on, so please save those links (which you would have received at the Thank You page upon purchase) to receive new patches for free!

If anyone needs the folder links again, please send me a DM and I'll be happy to sort things out.

Meanwhile, here's my latest video about the way I configure my HX Stomp, which will be handy to have as a reference since my patches are dialled this way. The video drops publicly on my channel tonight (9pm SGT), so you guys are getting an early morning preview!

Keep your praise on, fellow worshippers!


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