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New Patch: Dr Z (Road Less Travelled)

New Patch: Dr Z (Road Less Travelled)

Sep 06, 2021

Hi folks! The most recent song I'm working on needed something big and beefy, yet clear and pristine. In addition to choosing the PRS Custom 24 as the guitar, I wanted an amp tone in-between the spectrum of Fender and Marshall.

That's when I dialled in a sleeper amp on my Helix: the Dr Z! Check out the patch and its tones on my latest video below.


For those of you who bought my "Road Less Travelled" pack, it's included in the Google Drive folder, so refresh your folder link and it'll be there waiting for you! I have a couple more patches cooking in the lab that will end up there too, including one based on the Supro and the Badonk (yes, that one's a sleeper for P&W too!)

Keep your praise on! -Justin

P.S. I also posted an opinion video on Elevation's latest song, "Might Get Loud"


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