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Merry Christmas! (And NEW Patch Pack for ...

Merry Christmas! (And NEW Patch Pack for Line 6 POD Go)

Dec 24, 2021

From Christine, Claire, and I, merry Christmas to you and your family!

I managed to squeeze in one more video just in time for Christmas, and it's a long one about tweaking on the POD Go (although the content can be applied to the entire Helix line). This new video also launches my new Worship Essentials pack for the POD Go, so grab the pack as a Christmas treat! It officially drops at 9.30pm SGT (GMT+8), so you guys have early access to the video!


The pack contains 12 patches for now, covering the spectrum of Vox, Fender and Marshall amp tones with a variety of effects that I use on a daily basis when working on worship music. There are higher gain tones in there as well, featuring the Cali Ch2 and the Line 6 Electrik, which will work great for older 2000's worship, or Miraculum (if you need a last-minute patch for the Christmas service!).

As it is with all my packs, I'll periodically drop new patches into the folder, so save the URL of the folder to receive FREE updates!

Thank you for your continuous support, and I look forward to serving you and the wonderful community of worshippers in 2022!

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