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House-keeping, Fund-raising, and Going M ...

House-keeping, Fund-raising, and Going Mono

Mar 12, 2022

3 big updates from me!

  1. I've repackaged several of my old packs into one big Signature Helix Pack. If you've purchased The Road Less Travelled, Superion & Interface, Mandorock, and Two Amps, you're getting all these various patches and more for free! You should have received an email from me already, but if you haven't please write to me and I'll get you sorted.

  2. I'm entering into a phase of fund-raising for equipment replacement and maintenance. Ever since Claire was born, some of my equipment used for the channel and the content has been in a state of disrepair (as well as Claire managing to grab and throw some of them!). I've taken the opportunity to partner with Mint Songs, an eco-friendly music NFT space, and have released a short soundscape project that you can check out here. I have plans to release limited runs of my EP and future releases, so watch this space if you're into crypto assets!

  3. After numerous requests, I've created a patch template that I think will help you sound great in MONO. You could mono-sum your stereo-enabled patches, but they may sound weird due to phase issues. I've taken the time to figure out what I think could help: a split path in Path 2 that essentially simulates a wet/dry rig, with the wet section having its own EQ to clean up the mud that typically happens when you load everything in series into a mono delay/reverb. The patch is in my Signature Pack, so for everyone in (1), you're getting a free update!


Thank you for your wonderful support so far, and keep your praise on!


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