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Don't Make These Tweaking Mistakes! (Wit ...

Don't Make These Tweaking Mistakes! (With Patch Updates to DH Bethel-ish!)

Jul 22, 2021

Version 1 of anything will bound to have bugs. I made a few mistakes when tweaking the DH Bethel-ish patches, and I'll share them here so that you can avoid them in your own tone quests.

  • Tweaking under less-than-optimal conditions. If you're tired, and experiencing ear fatigue, your perception of frequencies and their relative volumes will be different. Rest, relax, and take a break when you're tired; come back when you're refreshed. Your patches will sound their best!

  • Tweaking with different monitoring gear. The monitoring gear you use (whether earphones, headphones, or FRFR speakers) should be the one you use day-in, day-out to tweak your patches for consistent results.

  • Tweaking without musical context. Use your patch and play a song from start to finish. This is especially helpful with checking gain-staging and your overdrive levels. You may not need as much gain as you think you do!

The DH Bethel-ish patches have been updated (and I daresay, upgraded) too, so for those of you who bought the pack, check your folder! Check out the tones in my new video:

The original video of the V1 patches is here:

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