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Better Budget Guitar Tones (and Updates! ...

Better Budget Guitar Tones (and Updates!)

May 13, 2021

New video series: Get Better Budget Guitar Tone

If you have a budget guitar lying around and feel no love for it because it feels lacklustre, don't throw it out yet! We have the tools to tweak its tone to make it sound great. In this video series, I explore how to use the Line 6 Helix and HX Stomp as tone sweeteners. The exact patches used are also Extras that you can download!

Updates: Patch Volume, Two Amps, and DIR_Worship

I've received feedback that my earlier patches are soft, so I'm going to be revamping them so that they sit at -12dB for clean tones and -9dB for lead tones. The reason why I don't "balance" the volume of clean/crunch/lead is that as the band plays into a big chorus, everyone gets louder. You should be matching that volume, otherwise you'll be drowned out by the band!

Updates to my other patches like Two Amps and DIR_Worship are coming along. DIR_Worship is going to be revamped as AIO Chime to better reflect the personality of the patch, as that's my go-to for the Gretsch Duo Jet. If you wondered if there's too much going on in the patch, that's because I figured out what was wrong with my Jet: it had dead spots on the neck! I've been trying to do some fret levelling to correct this issue.

Keep your praise on, folks!


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