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Weekly Cheesings: Estate Gouda, Sweet Ca ...

Weekly Cheesings: Estate Gouda, Sweet Caramel Cheese!

Jan 30, 2021

Oh golly. Estate Gouda. This darling has always been a fave of mine. It's so sweet and works so so well with deserts. The rind is a lovely brown in most cases and involves the caramel taste that you are gonna taste inside! This beautiful darling hails from the Netherlands! It's traditional name it the Klaverkaas, which means clover cheese!🍀
The milk for this one comes from the ADORABLE and classic Holstein-Friesian cows. They are spoiled to heck and back and get feed a bunch of nice soft clover, hence the name clover cheese! They are taken care of by the Kaamps family who have been running these herds, and the creamery for nearly 30 years but they did dairy for much longer then that! One of my favorite bits about cheeses is learning about the folks who make it!

This cheese goes great with fruits like figs and such. It's also fantastic on it's own too. I have personally eaten SO MUCH OF THIS CHEESE just cause of how good it is! It also happens to be vegetarian! Snack on!

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