9 Days In Dover

Jun 10, 2021

Sometimes we cannot plan everything, and sometimes mother nature decides for us. The weather forecast has changed completely. High swell, strong winds and rain was telling us that we should make ourselves comfortable in Dover for a while. After a friendly chat with Granville Dock staff, we got a berth and settled in. 

We like to stay active and tend to exercise as much as we can to keep fit and healthy. I have researched gyms and boxing clubs around Dover. Anytime Fitness and Snap Fitness offer 1 day free trial that we happily used for heavier workouts. My PTs Richard Blacklock and Luca Renatielli from Fitness for Life in Southend taught me many different types of workouts. We have done Murph Challenge and heavy drop sets. I have also signed up with Fighting Fit Combat Academy for the boxing class costing as little as £5. Highly qualified trainers and great workouts with them. 

Steve and I went for a run to Samphire Hoe Country Park the nature reserve of Eurotunnel. It has stunning views of white cliffs and coast, lovely trails for a walk, run, or cycle. While running, we had a hit of very dry and dusty air in our lungs, it must be the poor air quality in Dover due to the high maritime traffic, ferries, and pollution.

Another day we left the marina earlier in the morning and went for a long hike to White Cliffs of Dover, South Foreland Lighthouse, St Margarets Bay Windmill, St Margarets Beach, and last Sea Purse. Lovely views and the air were clearer, worth a visit.

We used our foldable bicycles a lot in Dover, perfect little commuters, funny-looking bikes. There is a lovely cycle route along the River Dour that starts in the town of Dover and takes all the way to Buckland and more. We do get lots of attention because of them, people smile and ask questions about our Ecosmo folding bicycles. 

My friend Andy came over to visit us. Luckily it wasn't raining that day so we spent all day exploring Dover Castle the 2000 years of history in one place (adult ticket £11.95) and Western Heights of Dover, hilltop fortifications from the 1800s, with sweeping views reaching France on clear days. I love conversations about England and France. So many battles and wars, and funny enough disagreements between countries are on a continuous basis. Andy and I have booked a table at the Cullins Yard, a very nautical restaurant and boat bar overlooking the marina. Lovely food and atmosphere. 

The reason we had to stay in Dover was that the wind was too strong, but I used the opportunity and went kitesurfing. There is no designated watersports area here, so I was a bit worried that I might get told off. But I had a cracking session on my 10m Ozone Edge in big waves just 15min walk from the marina. I always feel refreshed and happy after the kitesurfing session.

On arrival at Dover Port, we had to moor up on the visitor pontoon and wait for the Granville Lock to open. On the same pontoon, there was this lovely Vancouver 28 sailboat and owners who arrived from Ramsgate on the same day. They turned out to be our neighbors at the marina and we started chatting more and more. Lindsey and Graham are a lovely couple from Rowhedge, Essex who have been sailing for many years on the South Coast, Channel Islands, and Brittany. They are settled in at home for 6 months of the year, and the other 6 months they are traveling. I adore people who can find a way to be free, explore and travel and I think Lindsey and Graham have this perfect lifestyle set up sorted. They are experienced sailors and as we are heading in the same direction, we have been traveling alongside each other for a while now. 

We are always up for meeting fellow sailors and travelers. If you are reading our blogs and would like to meet up for a drink, sail together, or explore new places give us a shout! Also as we are new to cruising, any tips and advice are appreciated from experienced ones. 

All in all we have spent 9 days in Dover waiting for the right weather conditions to move. Its been a long wait, but we have made the most of it. On the rainy days, we were working and training in the gyms, on the windy and sunny days we were out and about exploring historic Dover, white cliffs, and town. 

With lots of love 

Inga and Steve

Jasper Sailing Adventures

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