Current Status

Current Status

Dec 20, 2023

Folks, I'm writing with a few updates as we are about to enter the new year.

A key focus for me over 2024 is writing, both more online writing and other published, public writing. One avenue of supporting that work will be here on this site -- I don't expect to post often here, but there are a few places that are best to find my writing:

  1. You can subscribe to my weekly digest at These are mostly shorter posts, photos, or sharing interesting reads. This is also likely the best place to stay up to date on things I'm writing as I'll often link to them at

  2. I'm hoping to do more longer form work on the blog, though, as always, these are places for me to work through things I'm thinking about rather than a polished publication.

  3. I'm planning to do more with my newsletter, Breve. I have a new research project I'm starting now that my book is finished, and I may pivot the newsletter towards more of that kind of work. More on that soon.

If you find my writing useful I'd be ever so grateful for your support. In the meantime, I'll continue to write and find great reading, listening, and viewing content for y'all.


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