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When I Really Want to Say

When I Really Want to Say

Apr 12, 2022

I dreamed I told you everything 

Everything I’ve wanted to tell you 

Everything you are, everything you mean

And how desperately I long for you 

I hide behind witty remarks and jokes

Unable to say what I really mean

When every day, my heart beats you

I read your beautiful, soulful words

See your expressions of love and self-affirmation and need

And I’m more drawn to you than ever 

Drawn like a sailor to sea, like shadows to light

And I wish I could come out and say “I love you”

So I say it the ways I can

I say it by pouring out verses, in winking smiles, in cute words 

I say it by telling you I care

I say it by saying you mean a lot

I say it by saying I’m always here

When all the time my heart aches for you

My body begs to feel yours against me

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