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Ghost Story

Ghost Story

Jul 06, 2022

Ghosts in my head

Ghosts in my bed

Ghosts on my shoulder 

Ghosts of the undead

Ghosts of the dark

Ghosts in the park 

Ghosts by the fountain 

Ghosts of another part 

In a different lifetime 

It could’ve been different 

In another existence 

It could’ve been different 

In a better place with happier lives

It would’ve been better 

Ghosts of the living 

Ghosts unforgiving

Ghosts of my regrets

Ghosts of my hands digging 

Ghosts in my room

Ghosts of the moon

Ghosts with hateful eyes

Ghosts writing poetry of doom

In that perfect place

Where I wasn’t a mistake 

In that beautiful space

Where life is a beautiful dream 

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