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Ever Since You’ve Been Gone

Ever Since You’ve Been Gone

Jul 10, 2022

For  William Matheny 

The sunlight falling 

The afternoon calling

Your face running 

Through my mind

I still see you behind 

My closed eyes at night 

I still wonder where you are

Are you still living out your car?

Still playing for drunks in bars?

Still singing snatches of bars

And trying to tune that old guitar 

Do you ever go back home?

Ever talk to your folks on the phone?

Ever go back and walk all alone 

In the Michigan snows?

Had a dream about you 

You were shining so bright 

You were singing to me

In the pale moonlight 

And I ain’t lonely but I am alone 

Life should be better 

You’d think I’d know better 

Than sitting at home alone 

And it ain’t a crime 

And it against the law

But no matter where you are

Loving from afar

Ain’t no love at all 

I still see you dancing 

On the California sands

I still see us chancing

A stab at romancing

Before I realized I wouldn’t be your man

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