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Between Tulsa and Topeka

Between Tulsa and Topeka

Jan 20, 2022

Between Tulsa and Topeka 

Life out here on the road

Leaving myself behind 

Running to where the gravel 

Turns to grass, somewhere out of mind 

Somewhere four thousand miles

And four thousand years 

From that hometown of mine

When I’m driving too long

Listening to the same five songs

Thinking of the nights sleeping in this car 

When we’d talk for hours on the phone 

And you’d always ask me just how far

And I’d say “not far enough to be alone “

Sleeping under a strange sky of stars

Cuz a full tank of gas to burn

And plenty of oil will take you forever 

That’s what I always told you whenever 

You’d write me letters from wherever 

I was stationed between here and there

And I’ve burned enough miles and bridges 

To make sure those left behind know I don’t care

Lines on the road

Lines on my face

No ghosts in the rearview

No fixed location or place

Just getting uglier and older

Keeping up a steady pace 

And on nights when it’s cold

And wind is knocking on the windows 

I can almost feel you under the blankets 

Can almost see the way the wind blows 

Your hair away from your Mediterranean face 

By the morning, I’m gone again 

And the loneliness vanishes without a trace 

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