Feb 09, 2021

so I tend do to a lot of writings, especially when I'm feeling down or not feeling myself. and I'm trying to get back into more of my writings since its something I enjoy so deeply and it really helps me move on from things. I want people to be able to relate and find peace and move on from their own struggles. not everything I write is dull and gloom, there are positive and happy things too. which I'm definitely going to try to write more of because I think its good to feel happy and to remember the times where we did feel good and happy about ourselves. now my writings may not be the typical poetry, but I do take inspiration from books such as Milk and Honey written by Rupi Kaur, which happens to be my favourite poem book. I just hope that you can come sit down and join me and enjoy all the things I have to offer. I cant wait to share all my works with you!!

- Janessa xo

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