Exclusive Chapter 4: Seth

Exclusive Chapter 4: Seth

Jun 27, 2022


Run! Run, Seth! 

I sped through the woods, narrowly missing the branches in front of me as I ducked past it. 

"Come here kid! You thief, I'll kill you and skin you before I burn you. You stupid rogue!" I heard a loud voice behind me. 

It was a rogue hunter. I had seen them camping beside the river, they had been asleep and I stole a gold necklace from one of their bags.

Selling this for a good price was bound to give me good food for a week. 

But as I took the necklace out, one of them had woken up and soon the three of them were chasing after me. 

My heart thumped loudly in my chest but not from fear, I was used to these woods. It was my home, and I had spent more than a year here. 

"You probably have more!" I shouted as I peered back at the three huge me behind me. One was wearing a black jeans and a basketball shirt with him tattoos in display. His head was bald as they appeared red as the sun blazed upon it. He was the leader and the two behind him were twins with matching outfits. 

"You brat!" The leader shouted and I laughed as I faced ahead and slammed into a tree. I staggered back falling on my back as my vision blurred and my head ached. 

I didn't have time to stand on my feet when two hands grabbed me and pushed me against the tree. 

"Caught you!" The leader yelled, smiling and revealing a yellow row of teeth. 

"Give him a prize!" I spat as he slammed my head back on the tree before he slapped me against the  cheeks. 

My head rang and my cheeks stung but I blinked back the tears as I stared up at him with fearless eyes. 

"How old are you anyway? Five? Six?" He asked as he snatched the gold necklace from my hand and threw it back to the others. 

I frowned as I lost the next source of my next meal as the leader drew out a knife from his pocket. My heart skipped a bit at that as I noticed the sharp objects drawn back to stab me. My eyes widened as fear gripped me.

"Boss, we have to go!" One of the twins shouted from behind him and he stopped. 

"He's waiting for us. Let the kid go. He's worth nothing anyway." The other twin said as the leader smirked and grabbed my shirt, jerking me closer. 

"You're lucky today. But I'll give you a mark. When next I see you. I'll kill you." He said before he drew back his hand and slashed my face with the knife. 

I screamed as the knife tore my skin slowly before he pulled away, laughing as he spat on me and walked away with the others. 

Blood trickled down my temple from the deep cut and I breathed heavily as tears filled my eyes and I screamed in pain, falling to the floor. 

Staring at myself in the bathroom mirror brought back some memories I had tried to forget. The cut wasn't my deepest scar yet. Running down the left side of my temple and narrowly missing my eyes, the scar reached my cheeks and I snatched my hand away from it before walking out of the bathroom naked. 

My room was dark with the only day of light coming from my slightly opened room door. I had a habit of leaving my door open and letting the rays of light from the hallway seep through. 

It was the only evidence that I was claustrophobic.

Drawing on a pair of boxers, I went to my bed, falling against it tiredly. But the second I closed my eyes, someone flashed in my mind.


The ride to Isabel's dorm was silent. The only sound I could hear was her silent crying as she sat at the passenger seat wiping her eyes and trying to stop the tears from flowing down her cheeks. 

I tried to fight back the guilt that clawed desperately at my heart, tearing off what was left of my human feelings 

Tonight was the first time I had seen Isabel in anything more than the anime merches she wore on a daily basis. From her Demon Slayer T-shirt to her Naruto themed beanie and of course her favorite anime. My Hero Academia, she boldly wore a Bakugo themed short very often. 

Her soft whimpers filled the car, boring into my ears as I frowned angrily before parking directly in front of her dormitory. 

Isabel looked up past her eyelashes and I noticed her makeup smudged over her face because of her tears. She snatched her purse from the floor and opened the door. 

I didn't turn to her when she stopped and faced me. 

"I'm sorry for dragging you into this. I just thought.. I-I thought maybe uhm. I'm sorry Seth. I shouldn't have. I'll try to stay out of your way." Isabel said before she opened the door and ran out into the building. 

I watched her go, her gray gown bouncing as she ran. It was the most feminine outfit I had seen her in. Her hair straightened and fell past her shoulders. She had worn a contact lens today and a low pair of sandals. 

She was beautiful. 

I knew she was. 

Tonight was the first time I felt what guilt was. 

Her eyes haunted me, and I felt the mate bond within me. I could feel her pain even while I wasn't with her. Her sufferings. 

But I couldn't let myself feel any of them. I didn't have time for mating. 

And I didn't have time for love. 

It was a foreign emotion to me, one I couldn't understand nor was I capable of. 

I turned in my bed as Isabel's picture stared back at me. 

She was in one of her classes, her glasses up her nose as she took down her notes. It was the only picture she had posted on her social media. 

"I'm sorry. But I knew all the answers." I whispered before I closed my eyes. 

**I'm so tempted to write more on Seth and I would. Writing his POV is kinda hard because of the constant conflictions of his emotions. He has so much that happened to him in his early years. And it's obvious he doesn't hate Isabel. He has a picture of her at his bedside. But he's hurting her on purpose. Why? Why is he hiding his feelings? And treating her like shit? I guess we'll find out soon enough. 

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To the new readers, synopsis of The Alpha's Broken Slave.

Slave. Broken. Wolfless.

I've always been the perfect toy for pain and pleasure to the ruthless Alpha Jax who owned me. Twenty years, I've lived in abuse, torture and slavery so one night I decided to run away from it all to find freedom, only to discover

I had stepped into the pack of our enemy.

I'm taken to their cruel and merciless Alpha Ares who fails to recognize me as Jax's slave so I thought I was free, but the only way he lets me stay in his pack is to be a slave once more.

His slave.

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