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Chasing someone else’s dream…

Chasing someone else’s dream…

Mar 18, 2023

Can be fatal to your own.

This is the second week of our new office and I have to say things are going surprisingly well. Productivity is up and coffee consumption is down, so that’s a plus!

Even though I’d said that this year was a time to concentrate less on book writing and more on ‘giving back’ I am still managing to write a chapter or more a day. Seems I can do two things at once.

The new office has also brought some unexpected propositions. I’m always wary when someone comes to me saying “I have an idea I’d like to talk to you about, as I think there is always a very fine line between an  opportunity and a distraction. I’m not being cynical, it’s just that sometimes not all that glitters is gold. 

However last week, someone suggested an opportunity and mentioned the magic word - Dartmouth and I was immediately interested.

“Phew he’s finally got to the point of this week's ramblings” I hear you say.

My point is, your door should always be open to suggestions but they mustn’t distract you from everything else, including important things that actually pay the bills. 

My other point is that being distracted by the next shiny thing is really a form of procrastination which as you all know is my biggest hate. 

My advice is to only spend 10% of your time considering, debating and evaluating the opportunity, otherwise there is a risk that you will take your eye off the ball and sink hours of your week into someone else’s dream.

So am I going to look at this opportunity? Of course I am, it involves Dartmouth (the home of Albert Mouse) so how can I say no? 😆

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