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What is art and why should you do it? 

What is art and why should you do it? 

Jun 15, 2022


For a small word it is a big idea, it's like a tardis with many rooms. On one layer for a lay person it might be just a thought of "I would like to do that".  The second thought might be "I'm not good enough, it's a natural skill", this isn't true, it's a learnt skill that you have to put the work in like playing the piano. Some people have more natural skill than others but everyone has to put the effort in skill or not. 

The act of making art is also multi layered and encomposes stages, the free loose experimental part gives your mind a rest, you can let go and let the materials do as they choose, this can be the most relaxing part which I think could be why many people only do this part. That's ok because art is not judging you. 

It becomes more difficult when you want to achieve a specific result, then you have to learn how to manipulate paint or a pencil to your will. This too can be very rewarding but it takes time and practice and failure. Failure is a big part of progress. If you are not failing you are not pushing yourself hard enough. 

10,000 hours, that's the amount of time you need to do something to become good at it. So when deciding to do a class you may want to ask yourself what your aims are, do you want to enjoy the moment? Meeting new people and chatting? We have classes like this. Do you want to become good at it? Put the effort in and do the homework too? We have classes like this. It's always worth chatting to the tutor and making a plan to reach your goals. If you are serious you can have a one to one tutorial where you will find your aims, set your goals, review where you are and get on with becoming an artist. 


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