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Sixth House Profection Year

Sixth House Profection Year

Nov 21, 2021

What is a profection year?

Annual Profection is a theme or where an area of focus will be for the year for you based on your Natal Chart. Using the whole sign House system, starting with the Rising Sign in the 1st House, this will be a 1st House Profection Year for your first year after birth. Then in your second year, you will move into a 2nd House Profection Year and so on.

The cycle will continue, so everyone will be going through the same profection year based on how old they are, the only difference is the sign that is the ruler of that house and planet ruler of that sign. For example, I am a sagittarius rising, I experienced my 6th house profection year at age 29, the ruler of my 6th house is Taurus and Venus is the planet ruler of Taurus. At age 29 I experienced 6th house/taurus themes but also with Taurus being the house ruler of my 6th house, the ruling planet of Taurus which is Venus is in my 10th house so I experienced these themes also. (See Picture Annual Profection Chart for Sagittarius Rising Below)

6th House Profection Year Ages: 5, 17, 29, 41, 53, 65, 77

6th House Themes: Health, Fitness, Systems, Analytical Natures, Pets, Work Habits, Organization, Usefulness, and Giving Service.

6th House Taurus Themes: Prefer to establish themselves and put down roots to do work. Consistent expectations and physical work suit them. Positively, they can become the lasting employee that is reliable and steadfast. Negatively, they can fail to grow and update their skills, leading to work obsolescence. They do well in jobs that require routine, physical labor, and work with the land. In matters of health, they often have strong constitutions that give them the ability to endure what others cannot; they must be careful about overindulging.

Venus in 10th House Themes: Great Charm, Charisma, and Power in Career and Public Image.

My Experience

When it came to my health, I purchased a Peloton Bike this year and worked out consistently, I've never been this committed to taking care of my physical body as I was this year. I started slacking on working out after work started taking a toll on me but I am very proud of the progress I made with working out and actually losing weight. I had no major health issues this year and I was in the best physical shape of my life.

I randomly got obsessed with wanting a dog, I do not have any pets but I definitely starting looking into getting my first one. Eventually I talked myself out of it, so no dog.

I honestly felt like I worked extremely hard during age 29, it really felt like I was slaving for my career, I've never felt this way when it came to working but this year I felt like work took a mental toll on me when it came to how hard I worked. With Taurus in my 6th house I am naturally hard working, I am the employee you can always depend on, I do not call out for any reason. I took on a leadership role at work which required me to have a lot of responsibilities that I did not have before and there was a lot of pressure at work to do good a job in the role. Honestly, the shift from working in the office to working at home really put a lot of pressure on individuals to work harder so I started experiencing burn-out. I lacked motivation to clock-in everyday and it even got to the point I was willing to quit without a solid career plan. I am naturally a person that prefers having a full time job and it gives me mental ease to know that I have a permanent job, I thought about going back to doing contract/consulting work which would not give me that sense of security I preferred but financially I would be fine.

One thing I did notice this year, Taurus is a sign that focuses on financial security, and I can say this year was the most financially secured I have ever felt, but it came with a lot hard work. Another Taurus theme is beauty/fashion, I really got into perfumes this year and started going to the spa regularly for facials, this is now embedded in my quarterly routine. Speaking of routines, as Taurus is a fixed sign, I am also a fixed sun sign, I use to be really big on routines however, this year I lacked having a routine for anything, I would like to blame this on my burn-out I had zero motivation to do anything. I am hoping I can get back into having a routine.

Lastly, with Taurus planet ruler being Venus, my natal Venus is in Libra (also ruled by Venus) in the 10th house. I felt the Venus in the 10th house themes this year with having to be in the spotlight at work this year, I was able to use my charm to communicate better with executives, and also use my charm to interview better and get job offers.

Overall I worked a lot which burnt me out mentally, which caused me to not care about my physical health, I am grateful for the financial stability knowing my hard work was paying off but I did have to walk away from that draining job, I started prioritizing self-care (e.g., spa days & facials), and getting back into a workout routine.

When I do this at 41 again, I know to prioritize my mental and physical health over everything.

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