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word #23

Dec 16, 2021

words #23

it’s finally here: growth

I’m blooming,

I look back at pieces of my life and realize yes it does take time.

I receive news and it doesn’t break me like it used to.

No I am not numb, no I am not careless, I am just stronger than before.

Like a sprout withstanding the April showers, so when May comes around it is a beautiful blooming flower. 

I was the sprout & in some ways I still am, but oh look at how I’ve grown. Maybe an inch taller or two. 

Each day watered by the grace of God & some kind raindrops that supported you. 

Oh wow my darling you have bloomed. Still so petite, much more growing to do. 

Yet I am so proud of how far you’ve come, I am so proud of you. You put down roots and stood your ground. You said prayers that were oh so profound. Now you live in life of answered & continue to grow. From seedling to sprout, now pretty little flower, you are strong & filled with the Lord’s power. 


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